Well...hello there friends!  

Yes.....December came and went and I have to tell you that it was a hard month.  Something about the holidays make me sad.  I think it could be many things but probably missing my sister.

But hey....everyone struggles at some time or another so we have to just keep moving forward!

I made a trip out to Boulder to visit family!  I had not been anywhere since last May when I went to Nantucket.  

Always anxious to leave Cami and sure enough she got sick while I was gone but my dog sitter [who lives in my neighborhood] took her to the emergency vet and all was well.  Of course they never get sick during the daytime......right.

I was starting to think Boulder was cursed for me as I was there when my husband left me and when I got the news that my sister was going into hospice.

We made a trip to Vail for 2 nights!

So much fun!

I was happy to see this little bugger when I got home!

Before I left I had a small porch install for a friend who was having a party.

I added a bigger wall sconce and some texture with the large planters!

Below is the old one.....

Below is another before....

And the rug and pillows plus a different table in between the chairs.

All the plants were refreshed which made a big difference!

Another before below....the new pillows which I found on Etsy also helped to give it a more cohesive look....

I also like the larger outdoor light from Currey and Co.

And there you have it....this was in late November:)

I am not even going to say that I will be better....cause it never fails that I don't.  So let's keep the expectations low...and maybe we will be surprised:)

As always thanks for reading and just so you know....Blogger will not send out blogs anymore so that's that.  

It's always something....right!



Anonymous said...

I don't leave comments, but I just want to tell you that I check your blog and instagram regularly-because you have incredible talent but mostly because you are so genuine. Thank you for being honest and transparent, it's so nice to not feel alone in the struggles that we all endure if we've lived long enough!

Jen said...

It's always good to see a new post from you. Sorry your Christmas was hard-think it's that way for many of us. Can't believe you're turning 72! You look so great.....I'm a little ahead of you and really feeling the years. Take care of yourself and precious Cami.

sjudge said...

speaking from the perspective of one who's hurtling towards 77 (and living in a house that just turned 99), you are still a mere baby

Lexi said...

Sherry I am so happy to see a new post from you! I have been following along since the early blogging days and just love your design talents. You are truly a gem of a person so thank you for always keeping it real with us. 72 will be a great year for you!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Welcome back! It is always nice to see your posts!
The holidays are tough for many, even though they are smiling.
Happy New Year!

barbara said...

Hi Sherry- Hope your hand is all better!

Holiday time can be tough, we know we should be happy but sometimes it just doesn't happen.
I hope spring will bring sunshine for you.

Great refresh! New plants are like getting your nails fresh!

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