THIBAUT WALLPAPER last morning in Nantucket and it was glorious!  So darn charming....they might want me to come back in August to babysit the dogs while they go away for a wedding and I said....maybe.  If you send the jet for me:)

Haha.....I think I might crawl  up here on my hands and knees!!

Unfortunately I have to take Delta home....and now I am spoiled after the PJ experience.

It's been a couple of years since I have gone to the furniture market in Highpoint but I remember going to the Thibaut showroom and loving all the vignettes that were set up with the beautiful paper!

I did the next best thing for y'all and downloaded some of the images of new papers for y'all!

When I am looking for wallpaper I usually hit Schumacher and Thibaut first!

Of course I am a neutral gal but as you saw on my last post I can dig down deep and do some color:)

This pink room sent me spiraling for a minute.....

Here is a neutral one for you and I am here for it!

If I had a little beach house to design the one below would be pretty huh?

They have gotten into the "mural game" just recently and this one is SO pretty!

Now just to save you the trouble I did a #thibaut on Instagram to see if I could find a few more.









It's so true that lighting and wallpaper looks so much better when you see them installed.....agree?

I can't wait to see Cami....I know my sister has spoiled her even more than I do:)



Anonymous said...

Back to reality. On the positive side Cami will be thrilled to see you.

Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA said...

Agree! Sherry is wonderful,isn't she? A very special woman...she feels like a real friend.v

Madonaldo said...

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