Hola was your weekend?  Mine was good....hung with my sisters a little on Saturday.  I am renovating my sisters kitchen and she has become a nightmare client all of the sudden.  At least 2x's a week she calls and leaves a message...."any news on the kitchen?".  Yeah.....I might strangle her before it is all over:)

Yesterday morning I was happily drinking my coffee when I heard a loud knocking at the door....startling as a matter of fact.

I look up to see the police and after answering the door found out that my car was broken into overnight.

Geez.....what next a pandemic?  Oh wait we are already going through that.  

Apparently they hit 6 cars and the police were going around alerting people.  They only got some change but for me it is the cost of the window and then the mechanism that operates the window.  Total 545.00

The hits just keep on coming....

Let's see....what else?  Well if you saw on Instagram I cleaned out my basement and garage with my sister.  After we got it all out she looked at me and said...."now do you want to put all this stuff back in?"

I really didn't but I was frozen.....meanwhile she was calling 1-800-got-junk and they were there in 15 minutes....on a Sunday.

She prodded me gently until I said OK....take it all.

I mean.....I could have sold some of it but I am already overwhelmed in life so sometimes you gotta make the tough decisions.

OK...enough about my life....let's look at some project updates.

One of my fav Currey and Co light fixtures!

Fun black and white bathroom....

This entrance!

Kitchen happening!

And this powder bath vanity....

The other project.....Great Circa Lighting fixture hanging in the family room.....

This kitchen....with SW Mindful Gray cabinets will have a nice backsplash with some pretty sconces!

The porch got this great the finish.  Boy fans have come a long way right!

I was over at Jenn Balcos much do you love this sculpture?

My friend Windell Dobson's art.

And he gifted me this little cutie pie for my gallery wall....

There are some good people in the world.

This beautiful wallpaper book!

I went to Scott's with my friend Rose and picked up the antique andirons for the Madison project.....

Cami says "Mom hang in there....I got you".

Y'all....maybe life has always been hard but I am thinking my small background of sadness wasn't there for me....perhaps that magnifies the difficult moments of late.

No biggie.....this will all pass.  Life just keeps moving forward.  

For us all....we are weary but strong.



Anonymous said...

Hang in there! I appreciate you, and love all your posts. XO

Mhall said...

Who is the artist for the sculpture? Love it!

Ebony Home said...

Thanks for the great post

Anonymous said...

Stay strong!!you give so much to others with your sharing!! Thank you for your honesty and your sense of humor. Not all the days are good ones but good things are coming to you!!

debra @ 5th and state said...

damn Sherry, this is ridiculous, enough!!!!!! we all find 2020 to be outrageous but your trials are too much. spa day is in order, a real spa, maybe weekend....geeze

your projects are so stunning I'm excited for the reveal....those andirons are to die for. wish I was there with you & Rose at Scotts, luv you girls

Lynn said...

I hope you really know how much your sharing helps other people! Doing it with humor makes us realize that yes, it is difficult but not impossible to come out smiling. It will all work out and years from now, maybe it will be great material for funny stories. I do feel for you in being alone during this time but I also envy you for having sisters with whom you are close. Stay strong and lean on your loved ones, especially Cami! And keep sharing!!

Su-z said...

Poor Sherry! It’s an awful feeling when someone destroys your property. I hear about the car break-ins frequently in my neighborhood also. I was hoping to hear you have room for your car to park in the garage now that it’s been cleared out. You’re right - there are just times when you have to have someone haul it off.

Love to see your gorgeous posts! Lillian August...swoon! Cami is a doll in her hat.

cindy hattersley design said...

That kitchen is going to be to DIE for. Can't wait to see backsplash. Those andirons are amazing. So jealous you have Scott's!! Love that fan. Gawd they used to be awful, didn't they?

Dian Owens said...

Sisters! Gotta love 'em! Love the light fixtures, fan and utility sink in the bathroom! I think we are all ready to slam the door on 2020!

Jen said...

can you provide source info on the fan, LOVE IT!

AnneHH said...

Sending you some serious fan girl love and also admiration for your amazing design skills!! Thank you for bringing some light into my life with your posts. They are so enjoyed and drooled over!! Also, gallows humor has always been my favorite humor and it is so needed right now. xoxo

Allison M said...

Love that you cleared out the basement. That has to feel good. You deserve only smooth sailing! Hope it is headed your way...hang in there.

La Contessa said...

I have the drinking fountain that goes with that WHITE OLD SCHOOL SINK!!!!
I cannot find the faucet/drinking spout to buy as it came withOUT!
I wanted to put in my garden.......somewhere........if you have a lead on what I am CHATTING ABOUT send me an
I should send you a PHOTO!

Melissa said...

Sometimes you just gotta move that stuff on and not feel guilty. 1800 was here last week after my pile was getting bigger and bigger, and more depressing. Hope you feel lighter. I love your sense if humor and so enjoy your talent. Speaking from experience, it all gets better.

Anonymous said...

If you would have put those chairs at the curb with a free sign, someone would have taken them before got junk arrived

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