I bet you thought I went and joined the witness protection just had one of those days on Friday.  Happens occasionally....when I just can't get it together and I feel like my "voice" is not important.  Life. is an update on my BIL.  He had surgery on Friday and all went great.  They left 40% of his esophagus which is so much better than we had all hoped for!  No cancer anywhere else so now it is on to recovery.  We are all relieved.  I tell ya....the treatment was pretty rough though!

I guess you have heard that Georgia is open for business....I'm not sure how I feel about it but dang I don't want anybody to lose their business either.  Crap these are tough times.

ADAC has been closed but I got an email the other day from Schumacher with all of their new fabrics!

I had not heard of Molly Mohan but apparently she has a new collection with Schumacher and it's a "doosy" y'all.

Let's browse....

Like every good blogger I of course went straight to  the internet and Instagram to find Molly and get the scoop.

It's located in Great Britain and not only do they have great fabric but the wallpaper is pretty special also!

The fabric is hand blocked.

Pretty huh?

Who am I and where is all the black and white that you usually see here????

What can I's spring!

Here is some of the collection for Schumacher!

And just because I vanished on Friday here are a few more pretty collections from Schumacher to wet your "spring appetite".....

Pay attention because it is very rare I show all of this's almost blinding:)

I sure am missing my gym....I walked 57 miles last week and I am so bored with it.  Yes.... I listen to podcasts but I find my mind wandering so much that I have to re-wind all the time.  

Hope everyone is staying safe:)




debra @ 5th and state said...

I missed this email from Schumacher, but here you are, ready to inspire. Love her line, then again, British fabrics/wallpaper is the best. when I give my tours of rural England one of the stops is the Fabric Barn, a large country property with a cottage on site filled with British & European fabrics deeply discounted...NIRVANA!

great news about your BIL, what a relief Sherry

YOU....this has to be a real kick in the ass, newly alone. know myself and your fans are rooting for you. wishing I was there and we could go out for solid laughs & cocktails

take care luv

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of energetic, happy color! I am now thinking about adding some colorful pillows - this is an inspiration. Thank you for providing us with some beauty.

Great news about your bil.

Thank you again for providing a blog that is so interesting!

June Pope said...

All the fabric is so bright and beautiful. Thanks for sharing! And so grateful that your BIL is doing well and got a new lease on life. Prayers answered right there Sherry. 57 miles! Is there anything left of you? I probably walked 20 and I’m bushed.
Hang in there and stay engaged but be safe!

Judy said...

Looks like a Bloomsbury Influence! Love it1

Sarah said...

So happy to read the good news about your BIL!! Keep walking and posting cheer--so beneficial for you and for us!❤

Su-z said...

I am also thrilled to hear your BIL’s good news! I hope his recovery continues to be filled with good news.

Love Schumacher. Thanks for sharing.

Patty M said...

Words can't express the happiness we all feel about your brother in law. Beyond grateful to know he had a successful surgery, and the worst is behind him. We will continue to send healing prayers for a smooth recovery.

Thanks for that sunshine of color....the fabrics are beautiful and so cheerful!.

Take Care!!

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

Hang in there and be kind to yourself. These are very difficult times and we all have those days..... I really enjoy and appreciate your blog and your wonderful personality! Stay positive and I know that the future will be bright for you!!

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