Hopefully you didn't notice that I ghosted on Friday.....I mean all the days are running together right:)  

Seriously though on the scale of "I am so important that people will be sad and stay in bed all day if I don't post" "I am about as significant as a drop of rain" are always in the forefront of my brain.  I know.....I am not looking for affirmation..... I just think it's just a symptom of my life right now.

No matter how I feel I try to get up everyday....make the bed and get dressed.  Some days I am more productive than others.  It is so easy to get stuck in the muck of my life.  Ugh.

Since most of my design work lately is not dealing with soft more about picking tile, lighting, plumbing and paint colors I thought I would just throw out a trend I am seeing.

Look....nobody loves a white kitchen more than me.  In 1994 when we renovated this house the trend was light maple cabinets but I picked white thinking it was timeless and classic. I glad I listened to my instincts!

Anyway I am seeing a trend lately of a slight softening of white and going towards a very light beige/gray.  I am not mad at it.

Let's discuss.

Here is the plan that I am working on.  I picked BM Revere Pewter for the cabinet color with BM China White as the color for the walls.  The piece of wood represents that the island be a stained wood....not actually that color.....but to show how wood really warms up a space.  The countertops I selected are Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo.


This is from DeVol Kitchens.

I adore this one with black accents from Prairie Home Styling.

Love Love this one also.....

Here are some of my favorite "instead of white" colors.  She actually did not go with the color I picked but chose SW Mindful gray which is a little darker.  I am sure it will still be pretty!.

You know what's funny.....BM Revere Pewter looks white when it is not against white!  I found that out at the Madison Project.

Back in February of 2017 I did a post called Goodbye Gray Hello Beige.  Of course I got some flak about it from people who were still loving gray.  Helloooooo.....I am not the authority people it is just my opinion...hee hee.

Yesterday I went over to a friends house to help with some styling.  We started in the bedroom after a trip to HG's.

She has tall ceilings and the first thing I noticed were how short the pictures were on both side of the bed.  My immediate thought was 2 tall mirrors and then lean the art work giving the room height.

It made such a big difference!  They also acted like 2 windows and really brightened up the space.

I love the lamps she found at HG's also.  Neither of us can still believe that we found those 2 mirrors so fast that day and such a deal.....79.00 each.  Heavy iron frames.

I could kick myself for not taking before shots!  What kind of blogger am I?  Crikey.

Alrighty then....last week I walked 67 miles so now of course I have to beat that right:)

Y'all be kind.



Ellen said...

Wait. Home Goods? They’re open? May have to drive down from Michigan. Our Home Goods is growing whiskers and a man bun.

debra @ 5th and state said... I want to paint my kitchen....sigh! madly in love with these inspirations

hoping you are in good shape, most days. it is hard to put one foot in front of the other on "those" days. hugs my friend

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I painted our crummy rental (with a great view) Revere Pewter 6 years are reminding me it needs a touchup. A quarantine project!

I've been using Classic Gray on walls a lot lately...also Light Pewter is great on kitchen cabinets instead of white, too.

Another fine post. Your HomeGoods is open!!? Great score.

We drove to Napa just to have lunch in a restaurant. Sometimes, I have a hard time getting out of bed with all the restrictions here and I haven't even been through what you have recently.


barbara said...

Going to TJMaxx was a HUGE highlight for me last week (I live in Atlanta). So nice to look at something besides food.
Since being furloughed at the beginning of April I am living a bunch of Tuesday’s. Like you I have been walking a lot get carry out food 😩😩😩😩😩😩

Caroline said...

Your posts always make me smile. I’m always delighted when a new one pops up. It’s like a special treat for the day.

I, too, am excited about the idea of greige or off-white kitchen cabinetry and happy to see you address it, so much out there about all white and wood cabinets, not so much about the in between.

Dian Owens said...

Goodbye gray, hello beige is so right! Gray never sang to me. I clicked on the link and that bedroom with the lofty duvet over a quilt is yummy! The prairie home style kitchen is crisp and inviting. Thanks for continuing your inspiring blog!

Tina Rowden said...

WOW I made the actual BLOG !!! Love my new space and you for sharing your love, time and talent and making my bedroom feel legit for the first time ever! xxx

Su-z said...

I love a white kitchen (have one) but have always loved that gray-oatmeal color. I think Martha Stewart had one years ago. Classic Gray is such a nice color, too. Love the changes in the bedroom. Reminds me that I need a little lamp like that for a dark corner.

Paris Cafe said...

Sending you a big virtual hug from Brisbane Australia. Love your honesty, Sherrie. Also love your style and blog. Beige is definitely back here as are some lovely warm browns. Fortunately shades like toffee and cognac not the dreaded mission brown. I am not necessarily a fan of all the warm shades but it is nice to see something different to shades of grey.

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