Nothing like a 4 day week huh!  I'm shocked it's Friday already....

As promised I have the last pictures of the showhouse for you.  It closes this weekend so if you are local.....better get on it!

Pictures never do the spaces justice.  There were so many great moments that can't be captured...all the hard work [I know from experience] that goes into putting together a pretty room!

When I was at the showhouse before I forgot to show you a few pictures of the master closet!

By Brittany Cason Johnston

I think I was stuck with this wallpaper on the ceiling and I did not get a full shot but the whole space was what dreams are made of!

Heading upstairs to the guest bedrooms...

By Stephanie Jarvis

Oh hello pretty ceiling:)

Just stunning

This pretty hallway moment!

Right into some great color!
By Holly Hollingsworth Phillips

The next bedroom by Honey Collins

Love the fabric on this chair!

Modern and traditional played well together!

These green walls were beautiful....

On to Ashley Gilbreath's room....which was a favorite.

It was layered to perfection.

She used one of my favorite chandeliers.  Yummy huh?

Black, white and much goodness.

Schumacher everywhere starting with these curtains and then in the bathroom with the wallpaper!

That rug....hubba hubba.

Tracery Interiors put together a green and peachy tone space....

She said she started with the pretty rug above!

Sande Beck was responsible for the back stair hall and laundry room.

Beautiful color and pocket doors so you can close the whole thing off!

I loved the organic feel of the backsplash....

Erin Gates [Elements of Style] did the outdoor space using  Frontgate and her signature

 I want to order it all

Congrats to all the designers, builder, architect and hardworking volunteers that help to make these showhouses come together.  

So. Much. Work. 

Well....any thoughts on the weekend?  I did manage to clean out my closet a few weeks ago.  I know right....who am I?

I have an excess of shoes.  Is that a thing?  But seriously if I get rid of a pair then they will be the very ones I need the next day.  

Might need to move the pillows out of my "collection" room and make it a "shoe" room.

With my husband retired he now sees every box that is delivered.  That's a bummer.



My Notting Hill said...

Too funny about your husband seeing all the boxes delivered. Thanks for all the shophouse pics. Putting it on my list to go to next year.

Gail Storti said...

Sherry, thank you for sharing more pics from the designer show house. Loved it all, especially all the colors and details. Ashley Gilbreaths’s room was a favorite of mine too. That and the Schumacher fabric and wallpaper were divine. I’m beginning to think I want to do black and white in our master bedroom. I’ve been going to the Pasadena Showcase House of Interior Design for about 40 years and there have been good years and not so good years. The one this spring had things I loved but the Southwestern house looks like it was amazing. And yes, shoes are definitely a “thing” at least for me and many women I know. I can’t resist a great pair of shoes, especially from Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx! A whole room full of shoes would be a dream! I feel your pain with a retired husband who sees all!!

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