Throw on the breaks people because we are on the home stretch....week 5 is upon us which means next week 20 people will be posting their incredible reveals!

Maybe you've been vacationing....or just hanging around but I have been fretting like crazy wondering if I will make the deadline.  The photographers are coming this Friday so next week will be a bucket of craziness getting my project "photo ready".

Last Thursday my friend Rose came over to help me hang the curtains [fabricated by Designs By Sudi] ....and let me tell you they are gorgeous!

That fabulous Fabricut fabric!

I used these french return rods from Pottery Barn....

With these rings

Another thing that is perfection is the sofa fabric from Schumacher.

I think I want it back:)  Yes stripes on stripe....very Mark Sikes you know.....

And crikey....the Hinkley light fixture made it's debut and I was all giddy about it!

So when the electricians hung the chandelier I had them put in a floor plug under the sofa.  

I wasn't going to do it because I said to my will never use this room so those floor lamps are just for looks.... and there is no $$ left in my budget.  

She looked at me and cocked her head...."OK fine I will up the budget a little"....just the words I wanted to hear.   "Happy Dance"

The gallery wall was started with my Minted Art....and also the accessorizing of the drop leaf table with all of that blue and white I found at HomeGoods! 

And after driving the Loloi rep crazy with trying to figure out which rug to order [seriously if we ever meet she will probably punch me]  the one I selected arrived and I love it!

I wanted a light color but it needed to be wool because it's easier to clean.  It has a vintage feel which also works with my space.  You also get a peek of the new seat covers for the DR chairs.   you can purchase it here

Another sponsor SWD Studio sent me some pretty pillows.....

But you will have to wait until the reveal to see what is behind that paper:)

I started accessorizing the vintage rattan shelf for the office....

And there you have it until Wednesday of next week!!

Saturday I went to the Sheepie Day in the Park....
So much fun hanging with 25 other OES....

Cami with the red color....and another dog with a full coat!

I want them all!!!

Are you excited to see what everyone else is showing this week?



debbie said...

So far it is everything and more!!!! OMG, I'm gonna have major anxiety waiting until next week and the big reveal, not sure if I'll sleep at all this week!


Anonymous said...

That rug is worth your time and effort to get right. It is fantastic. I have no doubt your rooms reveal will be one of the best!


cindy hattersley design said...

Can't wait to see your space!

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