Week 4.  When the rubber hits the road.  It's too late to lose those 10 pounds before vacation so to speak:)

Let's look at some of the things I have purchased  and also some of the wonderful items that were sponsored.....

The rug.....  [ I purchased] ....I like it but will say it is very thin so I ordered a rug pad from Amazon and for realz people it is just a piece of rubber on either said rug is still slipping all over the place:)

Good Lord.

These chairs  [I purchased] are awesome....I sent out the cushions to be covered because they came in a brown color.

I starting painting the coffee table [I purchased] and used the paint below....which I creamy!

My Minted art  [wonderful sponsor] arrived so I gotta start figuring out where it is going.  Also I meant to order a 30 x 40 on one of them and ordered a 18 x 24 instead so there's that.....grrrrrr.

And Lamps Plus [sponsor] sent me these items....all perfection.

2 floor lamps which to my surprise for 99.00 are so good....heavy and a nice gold/brass finish!

This garden seat.

And this mirror.

My wallpaper girl came on Saturday....uh huh and hung my Pacific Designs [another sponsor] wallpaper.  I love how it looks....a little vintage feeling.  Also here is the vintage rattan bar that I found!

Another great sponsor  NDI sent me these faux flower arrangements!

Can't wait to sprinkle these around my space so Nancy never has to worry about dead arrangements!

I snuck over on Easter Sunday to start a little styling....

I think my favorite find is definitely that vintage rattan bookshelf I purchased for 50.00.  Booyah!

Baby steps y'all....the sofa came yesterday and it was a freaking game changer....gorgeous with that Schumacher stripe on it!  Now I want a stripe sofa.

You know what's fun....being able to do anything I sister gave me complete carte blanche and if the budget makes it a little harder it's worth it to have creative freedom! 

Don't you agree?

Be excited for next week because the chandelier and curtains are happening today and tomorrow!

Don't forget....there are 19 other talented bloggers who are making it happen with their spaces!

Meanwhile I have a client that is having a party this Friday so I am definitely feeling stretched in many directions!



Rachel A said...

Oh my goodness I am so excited to see these final spaces. I was pumped that you are using Mark D. Sikes as inspiration and doing two rooms on such a small budget! I LOVE those chairs and the bookcase. I can't wait to see the sofa in the stripe. You're killing it and your sister was so wise to give you complete creative freedom.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend whose wood floor was ruined by a rubber pad under her area rug. Apparently, the two together caused a bad reaction to the wood floor and the floor had to be refinished. Maybe, that why your pad is felt-like???

Anonymous said...

Love the paint color you used on the walls! Would you mind sharing? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is the milk paint very different from other mill paints?

It looks so very smooth. Almost sprayed. Any tricks?

Anonymous said...

Looks like your links at the bottom all go to week TWO...

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