How we got to week three so fast baffles me.  I mean "tick tock" right?

Were you all surprised that I was doing something other than black and white?  I mean it would have been so easy just to push that button....and of course right about now I am wishing I had....with mere days left to complete this.....

Any way let's catch up.....Starting with the dining room.  Metrie is one of the sponsors and we went back and forth since the offer was very specific.  I was hoping to do board and batten but that idea got squashed....whaaaa

Then I was going with shiplap but vertical not horizontal.  The only problem was that all the window and door casings would have had to be removed.....much more labor intensive.

My contractor was giving me one day of free labor which is critical since my budget is only 3000.00

After an afternoon pow wow we decided that using primed MDF cut into strips was the best route to go.  

To save even more money instead of going higher [which I wanted to do] we just cut the sheets [4ft x 8ft] in half and it fit on top of the 5 inch floor moulding.  I am nothing if not reasonable about decorating.

It's not rocket science people.....

Especially since I have my broke ass sister hounding me everyday about the budget.....and I mean that in the most loving way sister......:)

The next decision was wallpaper.  I was dead set on brown grasscloth....I think last weeks post even featured it on my inspiration board.  

But.....I had an "ah ha" moment and decided to do a print....I know...."who am I?"

I wanted something pretty [a la Marky Mark] [Mark inspiration for the space]  so I chose this large scale pattern from one of our sponsors Pacific Designs!

The chandelier above arrived from one of our sponsors Hudson Valley Lighting!  And guess what?

It is from the Mark Sikes Collection.....How lucky am I?  Very pumped about this situation.

Painters came on Tuesday to paint out all the trim in the LR and the DR.

Shutters off and looking nice and bright in there!

In the LR the sofa got picked up Monday morning

Getting covered in this fabulous Mark Sikes stripe from Schumacher who so graciously gifted me.  

Yes I did say MS stripe.....

I am not putting a skirt on the sofa....reminder below what it looks like...

Would have loved to buy a new sofa but this one is my old one and it's a really good sofa....

We took down the shutters....

And the room filled with light!  I am not opposed to shutters but the 2" ones take away 50% of your light!

My friend Rose found this coffee table at an estate sale and decided not to use it..... Whoa what a deal at 49.00!

I am painting it since I already have a dark piece of furniture in the room....and it is not in the best shape....
Although the picture above is from Marks website:)

I have been hoarding blue and white from HomeGoods for a couple of weeks now....

I unwrapped it all on Friday so I think I am good there!

Now here is a good story....I saw this at a flea market about 2 weeks ago but it said NFS and sold all over it so I let it go.

But I couldn't stop thinking about it and was there last weekend and guess what...we inquired about it and he sold it to me for 50.00.  WHAT?????  Yes rub the sleep out of your eyes.....and read that again!

It had a Pier One sign on it that must have been from many years ago!

It's so perfect to go between the 2 windows...

Of course now I need a ton of stuff to go on it:)

Since HG's is right behind my house I cruise it almost daily....

Another haul from HG's

The fabric below is from another sponsor Fabricut!  Can you just picture that bamboo shelf in-between these curtains?  I'm damn giddy!

Dropped them off at Sudi's today who is giving me the "friends and family"discount:)

And that's it for week 3.  I really only have 16 days until the photographer comes....this is real time people and to say I'm stressed is a gross understatement. 

Of course on top of all this I have a client who is having a party in 2 weeks so there is that......

Take a look at the other features designers progress and see if they are panicking yet :)



onnery said...

Wish you were my sister! We will be relocating to this old stone cottage and I am overwhelmed by what to keep and use, etc.

I love the fabrics you have chosen and cannot wait to see the transformation!

mollie's mom said...

I love love it all!!! I can't wait for the reveal. PS. I'm in Marietta and I have a few bamboo pieces (side tables, etc.) and some blue and white that I did not sell when Mollie and I had a spot at Westside Market. If you get in a pinch and need some for staging I can send you some pics and I'm happy for you to use them! They are just in a storage unit waiting for me to get motivated and open an Etsy shop or something :)))

Anonymous said...

This is going to be sooooo good. I need a sister like you!

Caroline said...

I love it all! Can't wait to see everything come together!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

It's going to be gorgeous. I cannot wait to see it come together. I have a bamboo piece like that found at a yard sale and I keep repurposing it. They just give it a pretty look. Have a great week Sherry. xo

Anonymous said...

I can’t wait to see how this all comes together, your sister is very lucky indeed!

Robert Richi said...

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