So....I have a little update with the bathroom in Boulder. why we make the big bucks.... for realz.

Not sure if I told you but the bathroom has to be finished by Thanksgiving.  

Uh Huh.  37 days.

So I prance up to The Tile Shop on Saturday which is a measly 1/8  of a mile from my house.

And that is where it starts to go down hill.  First of all when I left it was sprinkling.  Within 20 minutes of me being in there it turned into a monsoon and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees.

Swear.  But wait....

So he picked this plan.

Which I really liked.  AND....was excited to go pay for it so that Greg could pick it up in Denver and get going.

The sound of a scratching record.  Yeah....found out that the floor tile was "only for walls"  and it was very shinny so no bueno.

OK....let's regroup.  I can do this....well I had to do it.... because time was crucial.

I stayed with everything but I changed the floor tile.  He loves blue so it is a win win right?


Not in stock and wouldn't arrive to the distribution center until a week before Thanksgiving.  I almost started crying right there.  I am still a little fragile.

So I left and decided to go to Floor and Decor.  Nada.  Home Depot.  Nada.  Remember it is pouring and I am dressed for summer.  


I drove to my favorite tile place without calling and it was closed.  I slumped in my seat.  Sigh.

Ok back to The Tile Shop.  Geez....I can do this...there is plenty of tile in that place.

After all....I am a professional.

So I went all "Boulder Organic"....I had to go home to let Cami out for a quick bathroom break and I grabbed a few other wallpaper samples....and a coat.

I forgot about this Thibaut paper which is a favorite....

This will be the countertop [Caesarstone:  Symphony Grey] with the vanity painted SW Roycroft Pewter

And here you have it.....all in stock.

It only took 5 hours.

He is picking up the tile on Thursday.

I'll keep you posted on the process.

In other news I went to Nashville to see the House Beautiful Showhouse.  It was so nice to get away from my life for a few days.  Of course pulling back in my driveway.....I was like "Oh Yeah" all came back to me.

Imagine you've been married for 26 years....together 30 and besides a few informative emails....there has been no communication.  
Hard to believe.
48 days.  



Chris said...

Unbelievable ! Anyway it is going to be a great looking bathroom-glad he gave up on his original counter top. Stay strong (and busy)....well it seems you got that.

Mary E said...

Hi Sherry,
I’m so glad you’re staying busy. I hope it’s distracting you from the pain, even if it’s for just a moment here & there.
You sure rallied on this bathroom. Your new design is lovely. I hope your client sends you pictures of the after so you can share them with us.

gatorkto said...

I actually love the last design the best :)
On the risk of overstepping - when I got divorced (and it was my idea) I preferred to think about staying focused. Staying positive or strong, well, they are too hard some days and sometimes feel so ambiguous. Stay focused- stay focused on your physical health, your mental health, the good things that happen each day, your friends, your puppy, and get help where you need it. Also, try a little something new, it does help. Life will be different but one day it will also be better, I promise you that. XO

Anonymous said...

Sherry, I have not commented on your blog before but I have followed you forever. Three months ago my husband of 40 years told me he was leaving. I understand every one of the emotions you have mentioned. In those three months he has not even inquired once as to my well being. All we discuss is the separation of assets and other necessary details of separating 40 years of life together. I have done a lot of emotional work to heal the feelings of being discarded so easily. I am focusing on the things I can change and not the things I can't change, as well as focusing on all the other gifts in my life. You are a talented and capable woman and you will find your new normal and heal. I do understand the "feeling fragile". It will take time. I know you know that.

ABW said...

Sherry, I was in your place some years ago, and struggled for many months until I found even a bit of strength. It,s a long, hard process but it is necessary and helps you grow. I am a therapist and I held onto my therapist for dear life until I could function emotionally. All this to say that this , most likely, will be one of the best, if not the best thing to happen to you(I know that is impossible to believe). You will become a new person, with strength and abilities you never dreamed you had. You will become “the master of your universe”. Look for one positive thing each day such as a beautiful flower, a great cupcake, or a good movie. Get some outside help even if you don’t believe in therapy. Roll with your feelings and don’t try to fight them. These are all helpful pointers that worked for me on my journey. If you need more just let me know

Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a day! And you aced it! Still wish I could give you a hug.

Dian Owens said...

Sherry, you are a master at working under pressure! Shay-zamm! Take that tile crisis!

Dana said...

I hate when it feels like nothing is going to work out but the choices you had to make for the final items are going to look amazing! I have been with my husband for 26 years tomorrow and honestly when I first read your news, I cried. I can only imagine what you are going through, the feelings, the thoughts...I am so sorry. You are such a strong independent amazing woman, I know that you are going to get through this and shine so bright!

Unknown said...

Hi Sherry, I’ve never posted on your blog before but wanted you to know that I’m so impressed with your strength and your design skills. Keep pushing forward! It’s not easy but it will get you through this extremely difficult time. Never forget that you are an amazing woman! Based on experience, I highly recommend finding a professional therapist who can help you through all the emotions and anger I know you are feeling. It’s amazing the progress you will make. It’s not easy but it is so worth it. Please know you are not alone. You will persevere!

Anonymous said...

Never posted on a blog before, but I am so sorry for what you are going through. I am sure that just like the bathroom design- there is wonderful new design for you that will be fabulous. That is what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled that your client is nixing that former countertop. The new design is perfection and everything worked out beautifully with the bathroom. After all, who is better than you! (notice the exclamation mark and not a question mark)

The same can be said about yourself. I've been a long time reader and feel in time you will find your way because you are a strong and smart woman. Kudos to you Sherry.

Joan S said...

I’m thinking of you and so sad for what you’re having to go through. Know that many, many people who have written and who have not written are also thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

Bridget said...

I love all the elements, it's going to be beautiful! Re: has to wonder if he took a blow to the head or might have a brain tumor, seriously! I think there is something very wrong (I know, duh!). That doesn't help you much but like ABW said, you will come out of this a better person. Hang in there!

Deborah said...

Sherry, only five hours, you are a professional! I couldn't choose the hardware in five hours! I love every one of the plans and I might steal an idea or two since the hard work is done. Take care of yourself!

Lea Ann said...

I have been following your blog for several years and I have been so heartbroken to see you going through this. I met you at the HB Kitchen of the Year and you were so gracious and down-to-earth. Thinking of you, Sherry!

Anonymous said...

I've been an avid follower but never a commenter. I am recently divorced after 25 year marriage and 30 years together. The emotions are dramatic and intense. I poured myself in building my dream home, just the way I want it. With no husband, who is color blind mind you, telling me he didn't like my choices.

Your emails in my inbox over the last few years helped me dream up my new life in my amazing new home. You, my therapist, my builder were my sunshine when the clouds of mourning what I thought my life should be were dark and heavy. You've gotta mourn it. Then, each day, mourn a little less and go kick some ass girl.

A happy reader said...

You’ve made me laugh out loud numerous times through the years. I wish I could return the favor, since “laughter is the best medicine.” Stay strong and keep conjuring your magic that beautifies the world. You deserve nothing but the best.

Anonymous said...

Sherry - I’m the Colorado reader who loves your work and is saving for a Sherredo. Like your other followers, I hate this for you. Just hate it. I have no words of wisdom but the opening paragraph of Demi Moore’s memoir spoke to me regarding you. At the end, there is a good life. Maybe you’ll like it.

Jennifer Vondross said...

You are handling this like a champ! I'm astounded at how brave you are being - you're sharing this incredibly difficult time in your life, exposing the hard part that we all try to hide. Do you have any idea how endearing that makes you? We all read your blog because we love your voice and we love seeing your amazing style. Now we all love you more, feel a bit protective of you and hope that this difficult time in your life is over soon (although it's of course going to take some time). You're amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh can I just say that men can be such twats sometime? I've read your blog for years (it's great and fun and I love your upbeat attitude and I think you look amazing) and your separation news hit me hard as it brought back some memories of my own. Some years ago my hub ran off with a family "friend" and I collapsed. Seriously - I wrecked my friends sofa with tear stains (a job for you there!). Then after 2 weeks of only just managing to breathe, just when I decided I could do this gig with a young child, he came back. And to be honest, that was the hardest thing as I had to put on a jolly face and deal with all my pain while he wanted it swept under the carpet. Pains me to think of it. We are now happy but boy was it hard and I will be honest when I say Sherry, seriously, enjoy your freedom. You don't need or want someone who could so dismissive of your feelings as your husband has been. I'm sure you can find a designer bin to consign him to! Good Luck xxx

kathy comer gaines said...

I live in Stone Mountain Ga and just found your blog after looking at The Enchanted Home which is one of my favorites. I like the posts that I've read so far and am sorry to hear about your separation. I've been married for 36 years and am thankful/happy with who God blessed me with. I tell my children that it's not perfect, but close and we have to not forget about ourselves in the life we live. I pray that you get what YOU WANT out of this and if he chooses to do something else you will invest in you, because sometimes we can just go with the flow and be discounted. I wish you the best and I love OK Café.

thx Kathy

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