Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my Thanksgiving post.  If it made you think....then my job is done here:)

As I was walking through the Atlanta Holiday Home [ for the second time! #obsessedmuch] I was struck by all the pretty wrapped presents under 10 or so Christmas trees!

I wish I could just plop one of them right into my house because if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I am kind of lacking in the Christmas decorating area.  

The last time I did some major decorating was when I had a party about 4 years ago and I think the memory of the stress cured me.....

Christmas wrapping is not just green and red anymore....and I bet when you read the title of this post you laughed and said to yourself...."must be a typo or a guest post".

Lucky for me I remembered to take all these pictures for your inspiration!

All this wrapping got me inspired....haha.  Enough to create a few on my own....well the jury is still out on that!

I pulled a few favorites from Pinterest.

The above and below are 2 that won my heart!

I can tell you this....if by some miracle I do wrap a few presents....they will most likely look like this one below!

Hubba Hubba. Black wrapping paper and black ribbon....I'm all in with this situation!

I felt pretty lame so I looked up some post when I did do some decorating!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 lame to keep recycling old Christmas decorating and from 5 years ago also.

Who know....maybe a miracle and I will get motivated.




barbara said...

I worked in gift wrap at a department store in the 90s. While I had to follow what was on the board, I learned some basic skills to make the wrap look nice. Personally I like to use hot glue instead of tape (old visual merchandising trick). It's fun to get wacky with the stick on bows for this girl! Usually the box looks better than is what inside!

onnery said...

I agree, there's nothing nicer than a beautifully wrapped gift regardless of what is inside. All of your examples are striking!

Lesa Bell said...

Only my favorite post ever!

Lee R said...

Beautiful, inspirational -- but I gave up wrapping years ago in favor of beautiful bags and paper. Bonus: recyclable. Double bonus: takes almost no storage space (especially when I clean-up at the after-Xmas sales). At first, my family thought I was breaking some sort of holiday rule. But now they've all converted and we fight to get the good ones so we can use them again next year with fresh paper and stuffings.

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