I'm pretty psyched that it's Friday!  It was a long HOT week here in Georgia......and after riding around all day for work.....I am arriving home exhausted.

Normally I would walk Cami around 4-5 pm and I'm having to wait until 7:30-8 because of the heat!

I also tried a new workout yesterday and whoa....I am feeling it this morning.

I think I will mix this in with my Orange Theory and spinning for some variety.

I have a few updates for you today on 2 projects.  It seems like once all the basics like furniture, rugs and lighting are in place it's the art that will help to define the space.

It usually takes some time to figure out what that should be.

For one project I turned to my friend Linda Donahue.

Here is the space!

And here is what will be going on the wall above.


Some of Linda's other work that can be found on Etsy.

I have been a big fan of her work for many years.

For the same project the powder room got wallpapered and it was a game changer.

You can see it has a slight metallic feel.....

In another project I found an artist who's work I have fallen in love with....Scott Herr.

Here is the dining room....all white with this gorgeous Circa Lighting chandelier.

This 4ft by 6ft beauty is going on the one solid wall....

I love all of his work....

I'm pretty pumped about both of these projects and can't wait to finish and get them photographed!

I mentioned that Cami was sick and got the news that peach pits contain cyanide....[WTH?] so after making some custom dog food [which did not seem to help this time] I headed to the vet. 
X ray's and blood work showed nothing but he said it was probably acid reflux.  


Pepcid at night before bed for 10 days.   Seems to be working.

Could have bought a designer purse for what that cost me.

Oh yeah...a couple of Netflix shows we have blown through....

Gypsy and Shooter

I have decided that Ryan Phillippe is kind of hot.
Both are very different shows.



Linda Donohue said...

Thank you Sherry., the paintings will be beautiful. I love the other art going in the ptoject as well!

Naz said...

OMG love that face! So absolutely adorable. (Vet fees are insane)

Oh, also that artwork is fabulous...I got side tracked by beautiful dog of yours.

Naz said...

Also forgot to mention how stunning that chandelier is.

Ruth said...

Ditto to Naz' comments. I used to roll over and my Wheaten would be looking at me that way. Dog love.

That wallpaper is gorgeous!
I also love the vanity in the powder room, is it custom?

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great art!! Poor Cami. I'd better keep the peach pits away from Chief. I just bought a big box at Trader Joe's... probably not as good as what you get locally.

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Beautiful project and art choices, Sherry. I hope that little Cami makes a speedy recovery 💕

michele said...

hugs to Cami and high five to you for finding all that delicious abstract work to live and breathe in your pretty spaces. xox

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