Another week has seems like it's Monday and then blah blah blah it's Friday right?

Remember when you were a kid and you thought Christmas would NEVER come.....time was so slow.  Now that I am older it's just speeding along and I will be gumming my food before I know it.

I posted about this project before but just the living room....which is not quite finished.  Today I have a few updates on the family room which isn't complete yet either but heck it seems like that is where I am on all my projects!

They moved in and did a small renovation so after the dust settled it was time for the fun part.  A three year old and one on the way [plus 2 dogs] means performance EVERYTHING right!  This space will be used hard:)

Let's start with the plan.....

The room is kind of dark so we decided to stick with neutrals.....surprise huh:)



So I used my favorite Lee Industries swivel slipcovered chairs.......

This cute end table we ordered from Anthropologie......

The end tables are from Pottery Barn.....I used glass because we kept the trunk coffee table [for storage] and it's nice to add some breathing space.

Since we wanted something light on the floors we used this indoor/outdoor carpet cut and bound. 

On the plus side it is pretty soft and not scratchy at all.



This gorgeous sofa [from Charles Stewart Furniture] is covered in Crypton performance fabric.  It's major comfy and I like that it has the pretty modern wood legs....paring nicely with the skirts on the chairs.


I worked on the bookshelves....using my friendly Homegoods and Target for a few trinkets:)

I scored these lamps at Homegoods and they could not be more perfect.....just enough texture and the beige lampshade.

So there are still some changes coming.....but it's a good start!

Hope you guys have a great weekend....last night my husband and I celebrated our 24th anniversary.
We actually eloped to Ringgold Georgia:)

This is pretty much the only picture we have and it cost 10.00 to have them take it!  I know right.....

The hair.
The white t shirt and black vest.
The decor.

Judge away......



Betsy Gordon said...


I just love the pic of you guys! Happy anniversary! Big hair, don't care.. that was the 90s.

You're A neutral gal to the core.

Great room makeover and those lamps!! The Lee swivel chairs are so perfect in every room. Classic.

I am curious if the performance fabrics pill or fuzz? That's what I've heard about some of them.

Have a great weekend! I think you should post more about how you stay in shape!!

Betsy Gordon

Cindy said...

Oh my god! Did you wave a magic wand !?? It's crazy how much better this looks, and functional too. I love that rug!


kana/ga said...

Love your blog and your style. That wedding picture, so sweet!! Any chance of sharing source of indoor/outdoor rug?


Linda Pakravan said...

Love the wedding pic! So sweet. Room is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Would love to know brand, style and color number for area rug. Beautiful room!!!

Terri said...

Your wedding picture is so perfect. What a transformation for this room. I love it all! The floral pillow fabric is gorgeous, can you share the fabric name & source? Thanks

Regina said...

I absolutely love reading your blog! Always makes me smile.

Naz said...

Happy Anniversary. That wedding photo is priceless.

The new decor is light and airy and such a change from the former. My only concern are the glass tables and small children.

Jeanie said...

What a transformation! Now you've also inspired me to rearrange my bookshelves. And I would also love more information about the rug. I need an oversized one and that may be the way to go.

Linda Darling said...

I love your choice of fabrics and furniture! I have the same lamps but in a beautiful soft oceany blue, also from Homegoods. I love them too. I have a question, is Lee Industries open to the public or just designers?

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, Another beautiful transformation! Your clients must be thrilled with the new color palette and furnishings. Love your hair in the photo! I had a big puffy hairdo myself back in the day! xo Holly

The Randolph Family said...

where oh where can you buy that rug?? Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Love the room especially the window treatment! Store bought or custom? You are my favorite blogger! Thanks so much.

Kate said...

Such an improvement! Love it all...did wall color stay the same? Do you do online consults?

Gail Storti said...

Wow...what an amazing g transformation! I love everything you did. That rug is wonderful, would you please share the source? And the 2 tone geometric pillows on the sofa, were they ready made or custom? Can you share fabric source of they're custom? You always do the best before and afters.

Anonymous said...

Chiming in to say that the transformation is beautiful and asking if you would please share the source for the rug?

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