I'm back from Boulder and very excited about this next project.  Think Mid Century style with a little Brady Bunch! betcha.

However we brainstormed like crazy to come up with ways to update it.....although not enough to take away the vibe right?

I will share before shots next week and show you some directions we are thinking.....also I might ask an opinion or two:)

Today I have some updates on the Madison Project and I think you will be amazed at the transformations!

We should start with the biggest first.....



What a difference huh?

The color looks different in this shot but it is true to the top picture.  I promise.

New light fixture....

These cuties from Bellacor

This large drum fixture from Rejuvenation.

This Currey and Co beauty went up!

Here is the before of the upstairs bedroom....whoa it's a pine explosion!


They had this blue rug in a bedroom in Atlanta but I swiped it:)

There are 2 nooks up here with twin beds...but no lights!

We had these installed so they will be right over the bed.

This was the master bedroom before....

Took down the wallpaper, added hardwood and painted the walls. This rug was previously in the DR.

Ripping up this carpet.

To put this down.  A nice neutral color with just a bit of texture.

There are about 16 stairs and Lowe's wanted 14,000.00 to install it [including the very inexpensive carpet].  WHAT!!!  Yes you read that correctly.

I about flipped out.  As did the homeowners.  No Bueno people.

Y'all I finished all 92 episodes of Mad Men and I feel lost.  I miss Peggy, Don, Roger, Pete and all of the characters so much.  I'm not sure when I am going to come out of this funk.......I might need a reunion show.

Shay Ray



Christy Spearman said...

What the Fudgesicles?!!?? $14,000??!! Somebody misplaced a decimal BIG TIME! That is crazy-insane. What was their reasoning for that price? I've know some contractors "overestimate" for jobs but that is just ludicrous!

Anonymous said...

I think someone must have miscalculated the yardage or something. That is not possible.
What a huge impact the paint and lighting have made!! Looks fabulous! I also am the proud owner of a knotty pine wonder, mine is in Cashiers NC. Tell me how difficult was the white washing to do over the pine?

Simply LKJ said...

Someone can't work a calculator! I am still amazed by what a little paint can do. Love the door color. I believe it's the same one we used on our home and we get compliments all the time.

Anonymous said...

Lowe's is notorious in our area for giving the "We don't want to do it" price. Also, going to that location may have been the issue for their installers which we understand are independent contractors rather than actual Lowe's employees. Personally, I'd rather do business with Lowe's than Home Depot any day of the week. I look forward to seeing the completion of this project. Your neighbor has to be thrilled with the transformation of their home-away-from-home.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where the cabin might be in relation to the workers, but distance probably plays a huge part of the price. Maybe they're scared of bears! Or raccoons. Or like the other comments...the kid who did the "figuring" barely made it through 6th grade math. Nothing like a second opinion.

Melaine said...

I NEED to know how you did the whitewash on the pine! I want to do this on our cedar ceilings so bad! xoxo

p.s. it all looks fab!

Kathysue said...

Love all of the lighting you chose, the oustide color is amazing with all the wooded area. As always you are nailing it. We just finished mad men last night, I feel the same way, did not like the ending. I felt like the last 4-5 episodes were written by different writers. We were definitely hooked, I did some major marathon watching. Apparently I thought I was a teenager again, late nights, sleep in late, Oh dear!! My lighting for the entry hall is from Bellacor, they are wonderful to work with!!
Can't wait to see more and your mid century home coming up!!

Naz said...

The price of $14,000 mean either bad math skills or they just didn't want the job. I totally love the white washed look over that horrible pine. It's really starting to shape up nicely.

Mad Men's final episode was at first confusing to me so I had to watch it a second time. I hated seeing the end of Don Draper and company.

Unknown said...

Wow! The exterior is stunning. Everything looks great. What a transformation! You need a TV show. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would love to now how you did the whitewashed pine too. Love it!

Have you watched "Good Behavior" on TNT, new series this season? Great show,can't wait for next year!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

GREAT light fixtures, Sherry. Someone told me that the Mad Men writers left for Madam Secretary. Have you watched it? It's good. And we've been watching the The Crown, Victoria, etc. Also, This is Us is sort of heart warming. Sneaky Pete, too. I sound Iike I need a life :)

Anonymous said...

I've GOT to start watching Mad Men now that I've finished The Crown and Goliath which I believe you also recommended. I'm curious whether you plan to paint those wooden beds? I have some that are similar and can't decide what to do with them.

Lexi Keppel said...

OMG $14,000 hahahahahahahahahaha! The cabin is of course turning out amazing, I love the rugs you stole to put warmth and coziness in! With the whitewash the interior has had a total transformation. I just finished watching all 8 seasons of Dexter and have had major withdrawls, it was a great show, for some reason I think you would like it Sherry. Why does Netflix do this to us?;)

designchic said...

What a fabulous transformation! I love the color of the door and the light fixtures are amazing! Happy Sunday ~

michele said...

what a beautiful transformation. but more importantly, mad men. oh my. here's my brush with greatness for ya: my cousin dated john hamm back in the day at mizzou when he was an undergrad and i was there for grad school. he and i were at her wedding...ha!

TexaninAlabama said...

That's a crazy amount! I put Seagrass on my curved staircase and installed it in 3 bedrooms for $4K! Someone was having a bad math day! We all have them! Ha! and great work!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love following this project!! You are working wonders with some paint and lighting. I can't wait to see full before and afters.


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