OK....I am cranking this post out because I have jury duty this morning.  I could just scream right now because I was positive they would release me.  I'm pretty sure my husband jinxed it because yesterday afternoon  he called at 4:58 and the form said 5:00.

He came out of the office laughing with the news and I gave him a look that said "big mistake mister".  I will retaliate for that move. 

I realize there are worse things.... but crikey if I am going to take a day off I want to have my hair done or get a spa pedicure right?

 Since I am leaving on Friday to start staging #projectboulder I have a few updates and can I just say I am pumped about this one!

These are the french doors that opened into the master bath.  I thought the angled doors were awkward so we straightened them out and it created a small entryway to the master bedroom...

To make it special we are adding a flush mount ceiling light and some wallpaper.

I loved this Thibaut wallpaper from the HB Kitchen of the year so I ordered it!
And this light fixture....
Here is the before of the fireplace in the master

And now....we painted the walls SW Repose Gray

A picture of the master bathroom.....before

And after


Here is the office before

Added some trim detail

Started painting BM Hale Navy

Looks great huh?

Kitchen before

Standing in the LR looking to DR

This is the Ikea kitchen [the lower cabinets are going to be black] and family room

My favorite is the laundry room.....

These sconces from RH

I am excited to get out there and take some good pictures!

If you are needing something to watch this summer check out the documentary O.J.: Made In America on ESPN [5 episodes].  It is riveting.

Off to JD.



Mary said...

Jury duty? That sucks. And tell your husband he's not funny. Not even a little bit.
Question...Why wasn't the trim around the little window in the office painted black also? It stands out to me. I know design is subjective/personal but I would have painted it black so it blends in.
ButbI have to say the whole house is beautiful! It makes me hate my home. I need to start buying Lotto Tickets.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!! Info on the wood floor please.....I love, love, love all the white and navy.......

Unknown said...

I always love your design choices. I can't wait to see this one finished! If you ever do any work in the Amarillo, TX area (not too far from Colorado, wishful thinking) I would work for free just to watch your process! :) Good luck with the jury duty - I always get picked...

Sarah said...

Girlfriend! I just bought BM Hale Navy to try on my office wall (the onethat looks a lot like the coral room wall treatment). Now I know I'm making the right decision if you're doing it ;)

Elizabeth McDonough said...

Sherry, I look forward to reading your posts every time I see them in my Inbox! I cracked up when a few weeks ago I read your comment that the design in Boulder is strange. I just moved back to Denver from Boston and I totally agree with you. I don't even know how to describe the design aesthetic here except that I think it will one day be very Brady-esque and we will all be able to pinpoint the era we made such "strange" design decisions. I prefer more of a new-trad look myself and I truly love everything you share with us on your blog. I think you have a few fans in the area, from reading the comments. Would you ever consider meeting your Denver/Boulder fan base for coffee/cocktails the next time you swoop in for design or staging in the Rockies?


Beth Chesak said...

Really striking! What is the white paint color?

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