I was flipping through June's House Beautiful the other day and stopped tight on the "Kitchen Of The Month"

I love the masculine organic feel of this space. 

 Don't get me wrong I am a "white kitchen girl" at heart only because it's timeless and  Lord knows changing out a kitchen is not as economical as changing out pillows right?

 I think I could be happy in this one though.

 I started thinking about doing this on a budget so I did a little research and came up with this.....just   in case there is someone out there hankering for this look!

Here is what I came up with.

Speaking of the paint colors....have we forgotten what a great color BM Dragons Breath is?

Next up are those professional appliances which can cost an arm....a leg....and possible a kidney.

No that cooking is popular [not around my house though] most appliance  companies have a "professional line".

The designer of the fabulous kitchen above is Robert Stilin.....who is an AD Top 100 designer for the January 2016  issue!  Talent.

Look at his range.....

I picked a few other kitchens that reflect this style....



So to sum up the look of an industrial kitchen you need these elements....

Alright let's step away from kitchens for a minute to the stained saltillo floors in my last post.

I tried to get in touch with the faux painter but I am not sure he will part with this info.  I know....tragic.  I will work on it and hopefully I can give him a hard side eye.....he will get scared and give it up:)



Mary said...

I have always been attracted to masculine spaces. So I love this kitchen. Thank you for breaking it down.
Our kitchen is "only" 20 years old. So I have to live with what I have for quite awhile before the hubs lets me rip it out.

Jenny Broderick said...

Sherry....Can you recommend anyone out in the Denver area that can do slipcovers ?
My daughter lives out there and she wants to cover an old Lee sofa that I gave to her.
Thanks so much !!
Jenny Broderick

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