While working on the Kitchen Of The Year [KOTY] showhouse we had to get creative!   Furniture was donated for the main living area off the kitchen and the porch but nothing for the DR and living room.

We all know that seeing an empty house is OK but decorate it and we are like a heard of buffalo getting through the doors right?

So after brainstorming we thought "what about a consignment store"?  Let's start with the best....Swoox Consignment Store!

Y'all this is not your Mama's consignment store.  It is chock full of beautiful things along with some pretty incredible art!

We took a field trip to look at what they had at the moment and got pretty excited!

Here are a few pictures of delivery day!

Trying to figure out how to arrange everything.....we had no sofa..... just chairs.

We selected a lot of art and decided to go with a gallery look....

After we moved everything about 10 times we settled on this arrangement....

I was imagining a room that was pretty to walk through but you could sit and have a martini while reading a design book.....ha ha....cause I do that on a regular basis with my "extra time"!

A girl can dream.....

Can you believe how nicely this all came together?  I love the treatment on the walls where you can change out the art if you wanted.

It did make it hard to do curtains so I had to do roman shades....

The walls are painted Farrow and Ball Charleston Gray and the trim and ceiling are FB Cornforth White.

I took this picture from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality [she wrote a post on it also] because these white chairs, mirror and art also came from Swoox.  I think I have already mentioned that this color is FB Oval Room Blue.

Some pictures from Swoox.....

If you live in Atlanta then you are in luck because all of this great stuff is available to you!

You're welcome:)

Update....I finished my closet.  All the hangers match and I took 5 huge bags to GW.  Life is good.  I found the best deal on those thin hangers was at Bed Bath and Beyond.  50 count  for 29.99 with a 20% off coupon....booyah.

Have a great holiday weekend......It's gonna be hot here in Atlanta and Netflix has just released season 2 of Bloodline!



karen said...

Speaking of Netflix....have you seen River? Just River. Only 6 episodes.

Anonymous said...

... is it called swooz or swoox?

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great art! We have a couple good consignment stores here...that will be a good destination to walk to for exercise...hmm. Thanks for the tip on the hangers.

Unknown said...

Fabulous job and I love the art as well! What a vases and branches does for styling is amazing! You just eek talent my friend. Hope all is well!

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