Black Friday wore me out.  I am already tired of shopping and I bet I deleted 8 million emails during the day telling me about their deals.  

BUT......I did buy 2 things.  The first one so I can sleep and not hear my husband snore.  Well not really snore but he does that puffing know when the air comes out and his lips make that sound of explosion in a most irritating way.  

It's called the Dohm white noise machine.  My niece told me about it.  Dang I didn't hear anything last night.  Caitlin and I love to talk design!

The other thing I purchased is the Nest Cam  It was $30 off the price of 199.00.  We already have the Nest thermostat and love it.

Might sound frivolous but I was thinking I could watch Cami when I am not home....oh yeah and maybe for safety least that is what I told my husband:)

I did spend some time reading more of the ORC linking post and picked out a few to share with you today.

Beth at Design Post made good use of an area at the top of her stairs.

Takeaway....that Lacefield fabric is really eye-catching!

Brit from House Updated gave her daughter the cutest room ever....

Takeaway....Love how she used pink on the walls but nowhere else in the room!

Head over to Green Street to see how Fran gave her guest room a makeover.

Takeaway....It's OK for a room to do double duty!

Brittany at White Dog Vintage rocked her master bedroom makeover.  I love the eclectic mix of furniture and styles in this space.

Takeaway....mix it up baby!

Way to go Nancy from There's No Place Like Home.  Her beautiful guest room with the dark navy walls caught my eye!

Takeaway....Mixing the traditional fabrics with modern touches.

Carol at CAD Interiors did a fantastic job with her family room!

Takeaway....The white walls make it easy to add color!

Yay Jenny from Evolution of Style with her cute bedroom makeover!

Takeaway....The wall treatment behind the bed!

You won't believe how Stephanie [The Devine Living] transformed her basement!

Takeaway....even though it is a basement I love the dark walls!

Amy from Love On Sunday got tired of her blah office....and wowza....look at it now!

Takeaway....Don't be afraid of the minimalist look especially in your work space. 

This makeover from Aniko at Place Of My Taste will open your eyes!  It's "boho chic" and so much fun!

Takeaway....She started with the West Elm leather sofa and built the room around it.  Have an inspiration piece.

I am about halfway through so I see a few more post in the future showing you spaces that inspire me!  ORC....thanks Linda




Ashley @ The Houston House said...

I have been using the Dohm for my toddler since day one and I swear by it! She's the BEST sleeper.

Mary said...

I've discovered something even better than the Dohm. Separate bedrooms! I get the best sleep.

My Notting Hill said...

Great rooms! R: the husband and the puffs, snore sounds. My husband did that for years and I finally made him get a sleep study and turns out he wasn't getting enough Oxygen, etc. Bad on so many levels…Now he has a CPAP machine, sleeps great, and feels so much better during the day. The CPAP is quiet, with a slight sound that actually helps me sleep too!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the shout out Sherry! I've never seen that Dohm white noise machine - I might have to add it to my Christmas list!

Susan Clark Lawson said...

Finally got my husband to get a sleep study and CPAP as well. It changed BOTH our lives and is healthier for him. Chronic snoring is a sign of a real problem that needs addressed. Regarding CPAPs: the original one made a little sound but because of its constant pressure it really dried by husband out. After many years with it he recently upgraded to a machine that makes ZERO noise and helps him break normally. It has built-in sensors to detect an apnea episode and adjust its output. No noise and no terrible dryness with this machine.

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

Gosh there are a couple here I haven't even seen yet! So much good inspiration in that ORC! And thank you for including mine- I feel famous :) Oh, and that white noise machine is the best. We have 2!

Brittany @ white dog vintage said...

I'm with Beth, I was checking some of these out for the first time! Thank you so much for sharing my makeover. I love the take away--Mix it up, baby! Words to live by. :) Glad you're feeling rested, and hope you're enjoying your space!

ovbal said...

Awesome choices!

René said...

You look so good! What is your secret?

mollie's mom said...

Love the "cami cam" It would be fun to know what our pooches do all day. Sometimes when I come home we joke that our dogs have been playing "decorator" because the furniture is moved around :) There is a new movie coming out about the secret life of dogs ( and maybe cats, can't remember) that's a cartoon and looks hilarious. There's a trailer on youtube yYou should find it and prepare to laugh!! It's definitely one all the "dog people" need to see :)

Carol @ CAD INTERIORS said...

Thanks for the feature, Sherry! Such a wonderful surprise. I'm still going through all the room reveals... I hear you on the snoring. I made my "non profile" husband take the sleep study, and he actually needed the CPAP machine. Hope you're getting better sleep now!

Adriana@BuildersEaling said...

Love the whole post! Favourite part - the huge bouquet by the bed!

Lugbill Designs | Chicago Interior Designers said...

Hi! Thank you for posting and sharing what you got last Black Friday. Your purchases are interesting! I like the machine you bought for your snoring husband! Thanks again for sharing!

Fran said...

Sherry, just now catching up on blog reading and seeing this for the first time…..what a nice surprise. Thank you for featuring my guest room! And, so funny, you mentioned purchasing the 'nest' camera….I so want to go get one too! I'd be curious to know how you like it?? Oh, and I saw in your other posted about Clay Mclaurin's fabrics! Found them the other day and LOVE them!! Like a breath of fresh air!! Thanks again….such a treat!

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