I think it's darn cool to get an email from another blogger with words like "you are funny"...."I love your work"....Partly because you always want to know how you come across to others.

Thoughts like "is this too much" or "I don't want to sound like a know it all" invariably  cross my mind when I am writing.  The thing about blogging is it can be slightly narcissistic....after it all it's about "you" and what you're up to.  Then you add all the wonderful comments that mostly strangers leave and there you go skipping through life like you own the place.

Autumn from Design Dump kindly said those words to me last week when she asked me to participate in this tour.  Yeah.....I wasn't about to say no and burst her "Sherika" bubble right?

Let's take a look at this talented Salt Lake designer's work.

Last year she participated in the ORC with her office and boy was I jealous.  Mine looks like a room on "Hoarders".

Then you have this nursery....

So eclectic and it!

I remember watching this bathroom come together.  Crazy about this wallpaper.

Or when she got a hold of this dining room which now serves double duty as a library.

Girl can knock out a design board which make mine look scribbling from a kid at pre school. are my thoughts.

Why do I write/create what I do?
Heck I don't about the fact that one day I just said "I want to shout my thoughts to the world and then read what people would say about it!"  As far as design.....I can't do math so it seemed like design would be a good alternative.  Little did I know that invoicing would would take some of that "fun" away:)

How does my style differ from others in my genre?
Oh I'm all over the place.  I might not like a particular style for myself but I can totally appreciate a well done space.   If I had to pin it down it would be casual, functional and well edited rooms.  It's no secret that I like neutrals.

What am I working on now?
I just announced that I am doing the ORC again and along with a few other clients fall is looking pretty busy!  

To continue the tour I am selecting another favorite designer and blog friend Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home.  

Ambush!  I better send her an email and let her know!

I think our styles are very similar.  Check it out...

She has just moved into a rental in SF and I love seeing how her things look all mixed up in different rooms.

We both share a love of neutrals, blue and Pyne Hollyhock fabric:)

And these bookshelves.....hello mommie.

This is a picture of her old home.  I could move right in.....

Mary Ann if you aren't cussing me right now then hopefully you can keep this going....if not no biggy.  

Cause it has to stop somewhere:)

Take a visit to both Autumn and Mary Ann's blogs for a look at some really good talent.

Come back on Wednesday and find out what I am doing for the ORC this round!




Jessie said...

I am a fan of Mary Ann's blog, love her design style! Fabulous, neutral nursery, I like! :)

Have a good week, Sherry!


alwaysinasouthernstateofmind said...

three of my favorite bloggers in one blog post! can you say shabrilliant! you, autumn, and the divine mrs. m, mary ann, (that's seriously how I refer to her on my blog) always knock it out of the park and have me drooling on my keyboard with every post.

Simply LKJ said...

Great eye candy for a Monday morning.

Kathysue said...

What a nice way to start my Monday. Love yours and Mary Ann's design aesthetics!!You both have a very eclectic mix with a beautifully restrained hand. Love what you do and also how she decorates her homes. Black and white with a touch of blue is right up my alley!!
Happy Monday,
xo Kathysue

Mary Ann Pickett said...

AMBUSHED! You have a way with words that makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud ALL THE TIME.

I love Autumn's style and and yours. So I just have to ambush someone now :)

autumn said...

oh my! see, my sherika bubble was NOT burst. you never disappoint with your writing, your humor or your talent. thanks for the kind words! I'm not worthy! (yes, a little mid-90's SNL waynes world humor) i am so happy to see you chose mary ann to continue the tour! i love her style and blog as well!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You crack me up. Love following the chain of three great designers.

René said...

You are funny and I love what you do :). What a treat to see some of my favorites all together.

Unknown said...

You just make me always pretty much spit out my cocktail or coffee depending on which 5:00 it is.. Every time! Love you, love how you inspire all of us! Loving all the blog love and heading their way! xo

Krystine @ said...

Thank you for sharing! I didn't know her but am madly in LOVE!! Have a great day Sherry!

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, You are such a creative talent! So glad that you're out there in blogland sharing it with us all! Mary Ann's work is awesome too!

Leslie @ Segreto Secrets said...

Such a fun profile on two talented designers - will definitely jump to their pages next to see more!! So amusing as always!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! You always make me laugh. First, great images in this post and some clever ideas. Second, I can relate to your thoughts about why and what to write. It is easy to write a post and then think, for Pete's sake, who in the world is going to care about this? Lol! But, that is what makes reading blogs so much fun. I try to just write about what interests me, and hope that others are interested too. Have a great day, xo, N.

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