Can I hear a big ole "Hey" cause we made it to Friday!  Next up....rainy holiday weekend.  

Of course.

No worries....I got plenty to do like paint that bathroom:)

I was flipping through my AH&L and I saw a cute little crib.

The home of writer Kathryn Stockett.  Hello gorgeous white house.  She had some help from her friend designer Caroline Normak.

Styling by: Thea Beasley
Photo cred: Mali Azima

So cute huh?
The iron windows and doors....crikey.

Get a load of this back view.....this is punch me in the face awesome.

Also in the issue is a feature of "power couples" here in Atlanta.

Jill and Rob Brinson.  Jill is the creative director of Ballard Designs and Rob is an acclaimed photographer.  They're just cool.

Owners of Bungalow Classic Courtney and Randy Tilinski.  It is no secret this is one of my favorite home stores in Atlanta.  Every time I go in there I am reminded that classic can be edgy and hip.  

OK...that was the "this".....

From Bungalow Classic to Home Decorators [owned by Home Depot].  Yeah.....

I know how it is when you don't have a store to look at things you might want to order.  I am here to help with a few pictures.

Loved this neutral pillow.

I am not going to even act like you guys couldn't figure out all the changes you could make to this stool!

Copper Tray

I like this side table...the shelves..... the size

I hate the faucet but this is a great bath vanity.  Of course painting might be a must:)

They are having 20% off for the holiday weekend!

I posted this on IG the other day.  I have been pushing this Schumacher paisley wallpaper for so long....and no luck this time either:(

WTH?  who doesn't love paisley?

The indoor/outdoor rugs are from Dash and Albert, the large check is Robert Allen and the nubby trellis is Thibaut.

Can you believe it is the end of summer?

Time for fall....and Halloween....don't hate me when I say that is my least fav holiday.  The colors orange and black should be outlawed.

Just saying.

Y'all work this holiday to the bone.




therelishedroost said...

I LOVE that Paisley Schumacher paper, its one of our favorites, great fabric choices as well!! HAve a great end of Summer weekend!

Krystine @ said...

Kathryn's home is amazing! How I would love to take a personal tour

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

Atlanta has so much talent! I need ashopping day there!

creole cottage designs said...

I have that vanity- it is a knock off of an almost exactly same restoration hardware!

Jessie said...

That paisley wallpaper is beautiful love it! We have a Home Decorators showroom here as well, it's great to see things in person before ordering them.

Great tours, by the way! Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!


StagerLinda said...

I am in despair that my husband and I are, and will always be, a PowerLESS Couple. be one of the beautiful people. I wanna dress in breezy white and be so cool I'm featured in a magazine. Well, maybe I could pull off dressing in white... Good Labor Day!

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

btw - love the Schumacher wallpaper I need it in my life or at least in a clients. that first piece is home decorators -- huh! would never have guessed. said...

Hi Sherry, happy long weekend to you. That back yard is killer, and my favorite part of that house (not that the rest isn't stellar!) I want to be a power couple. Just sayin. Lol.

My Notting Hill said...

So glad you shared the Home Decorators pics, I'm going to check them out when I'm in Atlanta next time. Love that home too - the back of that house is amazing.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I wish we had stores like you the Schumacher wallpaper!

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