OK.....I have The Furniture Bank getting me the specs on donations so I should have that by this weekend to pick a winner and announce on Tuesday.

I do know this....
Got a picture from Stephanie today

This is what it looked like on the day I was there....one loveseat and 2 chairs.  Sad face:(/

The mother load!  Sofa city.

I bow down to you guys....cause you rock!

Anyway...results on Tuesday.

The other day I was at ADAC looking for fabrics.  
Not a bad gig.

I walked by a wallpaper and thought "Hmmmm....I love that...wonder if there is a fabric"

Oh yes.

It was a delicious  paisley.

I don't know about you but a good paisley will give me goose bumps.

This is by Jasper Fine Furniture and Fabrics.  Michael Smith's line.

Comes in a wallpaper...
And apparently you can make pillows with it..... I found these on OKL [sold]

Michael...did you design this fabric just for me?

I kind of crushed on this one also

Prettier in person huh?

3 more that caught my eye

Kind of soft....country English/Frenchish.

Some of Michaels work.

Yeah....he had me at pretty.

And simple.....

I grabbed a sample so I could place it in rotation to sleep with.

And put it together with some fabrics like I was gonna makeover my den.....

JK....not gonna happen right now.  But in my pretend world.  Yes.

I am all anxious about leaving town and going to NYC to see my niece.  Don't get me wrong cause I know I will have fun but the whole process of traveling sends me into a panic.

Ridiculous right?  I hate leaving my dog.
And flying.
And just leaving my routine.


I'm gonna do it though so see ya Tuesday people:)



Albertina M. Cisneros said...

New York will treat you well....it's heaven in my book! I'm here now...and the weather is just perfect. LOving these fabrics...and the paisley....I adore it.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Have the best time in NYC. I'll be happy to watch that paisley for you while your gone. :)

René said...

What a pretty fabric combination! Hope you have a great trip. I hate leaving my dog & flying too.

Anonymous said...

The Salvation Army by tech has an auction at 9, m-f. I think sofas start at $20/25 if there's ever a need and the furniture bank is out.

Simply LKJ said...

Every time you post fabric it makes me want to redo something :-) The guys from furniture bank could not have been sweeter, and the entire process was so simple. I have sent the info to my girlfriend who sends out our HOA newsletter to pass along to neighbors. She said is was actually perfect timing for her as she had just cleaned out her FIL's home and had things to donate! YEAH!!

stephanie said...

Love the fabrics! I have been looking for something to jump start my bedroom redo. These would be perfect. Would you mind sharing the names of the other fabrics and a possible paint color that would compliment these fabrics?? Thanks!

therelishedroost said...

Cannot get enough of Michaels fabric or furniture!!

cindy hattersley design said...

Love Michael Smith. He is one of my absolute favs. That paisley has always been a favorite. Love his new Templeton line as well!

Cindy said...

Man, i understand about the whole leaving your routine and your dog and travel deal... Hope it's fun for you and you completely forget about any anxiety.
Pretty fabrics and COOL about all the sofas and stuff to work with now. Makes me happy...


Anonymous said...

where in the world can I purchase his fabrics!? I have searched everywhere, but am not having any luck!

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