I don't post much about fashion around here....mainly because I am a pretty basic gal.  Jeans or black pants.  Solid tops. 

I like to keep it simple and spend my money on pillows:)

But....I also like to experiment and when I kept reading about this online personal styling service I wanted to give it a try.

Don't get me wrong....I like to shop so that is not an issue..... but I was curious to see what someone else would pick out for me.  

Stitch Fix seemed like a fun time so I signed up.

You create a style profile and how much you want to spend.  It was 6 weeks until my box shipped out and I actually forgot about it.

To be honest I wasn't very hopeful that I would like anything.  It's not that I am picky but I have a basic style that I think works for me.  

But again....maybe I am that person that has fake ivy on top of their kitchen cabinets and I am saying "this work for me".

Here is the outcome.

First of all they got me with their color scheme.

Turquoise and white.

I opened the box to find 3 tops,  a pair of earrings and jeans, along with styling tips on how to wear.

JEANS......hahahahaha.  Like they are going to find a pair to fit me when I go to Nordstroms and try on 30 pairs walking out empty handed. 

They give you ideas on how to put outfits together.

This was one of the tops and the jeans.

Same top but other ways to wear it.

They also sent this cotton turquoise sweater.  Again showing me different ways to wear it.

This was another top in the box.

So what was the outcome?

I kept this fact I really liked it and would have NEVER tried it on in a store.

And here is the miracle.
The jeans.....were awesome.  I have never heard of this brand but they fit like a glove.

High enough but not too high
Soft enough...
Skinny but not too skinny
Long enough
And still cool.......

What are the odds of that?  Freaky.

Now if you keep all 5 pieces you get a 25% discount and quite frankly I could have because I liked everything but I decided on the jeans and one top.  You have 3 days until you have to mail the leftovers back in a convenient pre paid envelope.

Would I do it again....yes.  They said that the more you do it the better your "stylist" [mine was Ariana] gets!  I can just imagine her calling her Mom to see what she thought someone 62 years old might like....ha ha right?

OK..... I just did my first fashion post.  Don't look for them on a regular basis cause I am one step away from moo moos and sensible shoes so this might be my last hurrah.


**I wasn't compensated for this review:)


Dana Frieling said...

My own mom won't go jean or bra shopping with me because she says it's a 'brutal experience.' You've peaked my interest with your miracle jeans!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about trying this service. I even filled out the survey. When you answered all of the questions, (if you don't mind me asking) what price range did you list? I requested the least expensive clothing, but I am wondering if I should "up" my clothing budget. We the items you kept expensive? PS-Love your blog! Keep up the good work! Nancy

Carrie said...

Fun! I have thought about using Stitch Fix so this is good info.

My Interior Life said...

This is so interesting . . . I had never heard of this service until one of my best friends from college just told me her first box was on its way. I'm like, huh? What? She signed up because she lives in a town where clothing stores are somewhat limited. Love that top too. I think I've seen that brand at TJ before. And the jeans - that is amazing! Score! Might have to check this out!

Trisha Wray said...

I'm so glad you did this post! I've been wanting to try Stitch Fix for a while...NOW I think I've got the guts! Love that blouse you chose to keep, too. My favorite was that blouse with the skirt and heels. Cute!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

I've had friends that have tried Stitch Fix, and I've heard mixed reviews. So glad to hear that you actually liked your items. And jeans that fit so well?! Seriously, I'm impressed with just that!

Unknown said...

I just blogged about my second fix. I got the same jeans. They are super comfy, but they were a bit long and gathered at the knees or ankles depending on how I arranged them. The rest was a bust. My first fix wasn't great either. I was disappointed because they sent me the same styles and cuts that I told them I didn't like. That said, I have many friends who have been pleased with the service. I'm hoping 3's a charm for me. said...

You kill me. Always a laugh. I cannot believe for one second that those jeans were great. Except of course, that you said it, and you seem like a pretty honest gal. (Isn't it amazing how a person's personality comes through on the internet?) Anyway, thanks for the introduction, I have never heard of them! What an amazing million dollar concept!

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

I love this concept! I'm with you...I wouldn't in a million years trust that a pair of jeans would fit that I ordered via a website! I'm sure ya look just gorgeous all dolled up in your new duds!

I finally got my act together on my own blog to host a giveaway for a casual ottoman. Would love if you stopped by to enter. happy summer and stay warm down south! Heather

Melissa at the Hive said...

Yay! I'm so glad you posted a review. When I saw your IG post about it a few weeks ago I thought if cool Sherry is doing it, so am I. I signed up and my first fix will arrive Aug. 16.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh my gosh you are funny. So now we "obvi" need to see you in the jeans and top you kept. I like the dark wash and bet you'll live in the jeans. I have been curious about Stitch Fix because I despise shopping for clothes. It's like having your own personal stylist!

gina said...

Love that top! I HATE to shop so tried this last year and did it for a couple of months. Have several tops from them that I always get compliments on. The jeans they sent me were way too long and way to tight unfortunately. I'm short and getting shorter as I age. May have to reinstate my account. Moo moos will swallow me up but I'm almost there!

sarah krouse said...

I'm sadly returning my second package as we speak - kept absolutely nothing either time. I really want this concept to work because I hate to shop; however, I keep getting the same ugly styles in the same ugly colors I asked them not to send me. My daughter loves hers. Honsetly, I think I need a different stylist. I'm giving them one more chance before I give up.

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

I love that you posted a fashion post!! I get so tired of looking at fashion on Pinterest and it is all geared to young, thin women. It is nice to see someone closer to my age post something about fashion!!! Love your choices and can't wait to see you in them!

Kim @ Plumberry Pie said...

I'm guessing they don't send to Germany. I'd like to try this out! Love that shirt and know what ya mean on the jeans! Miracle indeed! ;)

cindy hattersley design said...

Moo moos and sensible shoes...right behind you...I may give those jeans a try...high but not too high sounds perfect!!

therelishedroost said...

Oh how I love you for sharing this!! I love fashion but I am so busy and would rather spend on art or pillows too that I tend to neglect my ward robe lately, I need to check this out!

designchic said...

That sounds like my heaven. I actually like to browse and shop with my daughter, I just don't like trying on myself etc. - perfect solution. Love your picks!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

HMMM…you got me at "would rather spend money on pillows." And I do wear a lot of black pants and jeans. My daughter is getting me to wear skirts and dresses but this weather is SF in the summer time…can be cold. And now my legs are so white. Your jeans look tiny…you are so fit! All that bicycling!

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit and dark jeans.. got a pair of boyfriend jeans from Stitchfix but forget what the other name is; they have those rips in places; love them and amazed they fit and get compliments such as 'are you trying to be younger than you are? and I say yes, why not!" but truthfully, more often need dressier jeans when I go out wearing jeans, and I wear jeansa lot!, so could use another 'nice' pair along with a great top like this..

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