It's the 25th year for the American Craft Council Show which is at the Cobb Galleria Center this weekend  [Friday through Saturday].  

The ACC show in Atlanta draws thousands of fine craft collectors around the Southeast [which include 240 of the country's top craft makers under one roof] showing jewelry, clothing, furniture and home decor.

One of the shows components is featuring some of Atlanta's top designers in an exhibition called Make Room, Modern Design Meets Craft-Let's Entertain.

Think White Box Challenge but instead of a roll of toilet paper and a bag of lettuce they each got a piece of craft for inspiration.

So much better.

I have 2 friends who participated and they sent me some images of their room.

Erika Ward [Erika Ward Interiors

Part of her inspiration was the Red Totem Quilt by Cindy Grisdela who has been quilting for 25 years.

I love how Erika used it on the chair.

The art by Aaron Henderson [Zucot Gallery] adds some more razzmatazz to her space.

Erika painted the walls Arctic Night by Glidden and Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams provided the chairs and the yellow lamp.

I'm ready for my martini [extra dirty with 3 olives] please:)

Lori May [Lori May Interiors

Lori and I did the Inspiration Show House last year together.  She had a few inspiration pieces in her room.

The wooden chair in the right corner is by Derek Hannigar from Columbus, Ga.

The art over the sofa is by Lynn Pollard who is local to Atlanta.

The vase is by Jim Whalen which pairs nicely with all of Steve Mckenzie's beautiful furniture and accessories!

Love the flowers.....

These are only 2 room and I believe there are 10 of them so there will be plenty of eye candy....

The hours are:
Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

Cobb Galleria Center

Hope y'all have a 5 star weekend!

Some changes are happening at Sherika's house...

That is all I can say right now.



René said...

Oooh whatcha up to? I'm sure it will be perfect!

Emma said...

Not only are Erika and Lori's rooms both stunning, I love how they used the crafts they were given and the idea of doing so in the first place. That sounds like a fun challenge and is also, in a way, indicative of the big takeaway from Design Bloggers Conference: collaboration is the future!

Karan said...

Exactly the way I like my martinis!!! Vodka though, not gin.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great stuff! Love that lamp. My youngest is 21 now...I'm going to set up a cocktail bar in our home!

An Urban Cottage said...

Wooza, that blue room!

Are you painting over those stripes?

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

Love the first with those shocks of primary colors and the second so calm and neutral - thanks for sharing the designs. can't wait to hear your new design plans. share soon!

Holly Gruszka said...

I saw a few photos on Instagram but not of the rooms so thanks for sharing - these are great! And they both used their inspiration piece in a great way.

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