I have been incredibly touched by your comments on losing my sweet Zipper.  Hearing how many of you have  been through the same thing was comforting because I know I will get through this.

I am not going to lie....there have been a few breakdowns the last couple of days.
I keep asking myself  "did I do enough....did I give up" but I guess that is normal.  Crikey.....guilt is a bitch.

I know time is a healer and thank goodness I still have his sister to help console me.

Just a little design today.....easing back into things.

This arrived on Saturday.

It is the art for my project [bad iphone pic].  In the beginning I wanted a more modern abstract piece but as design can go I changed my mind for something a little more subtle.

I have posted before about Linda Donahue.  I am so in love with her work and if I can't have one...well this is the next best thing right?

I was at ADAC the other day and browsed through a fabric book in Duralee.

This one caught my eye...

Amazing huh?
Then I saw these embroidered beauties.

So darn pretty.

Color for days

I mean really...and notice that secretary in the reflection?
I need to amp up my painting skills:)

Alright....I've got to get in gear so I will have something for my ORC post on Wednesday!

Mondays are tough but they only come once a week....ha ha.  Sadness makes you goofy.



Emily A. Clark said...

Glad to see you post. Pretty fabrics are a good start to feeling better, I suppose :) Hang in there!

Vel Criste said...

Glad your somehow feeling better and moving on Sherry, it will take time for sure, just take it easy. The painting and fabrics are gorgeous, the fabrics are good enough to frame even!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Sherry...The Duralee fabric is wonderful! Do you know the name of the book it was in?

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I need that colorful fabric in my life. pronto. And hang in there my friend. The good days will start to outnumber the bad. :)

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, Beautiful post......thinking about you and knowing how hard it is........time will heal and you'll start to feel better though. Know we're all behind you!

michele said...

i am so sorry for your loss, sherry. it hurts when the love is so great.

wishing you a peaceful and kind week.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I think you should put the Dog Shaming pic of your pooch on your fridge so you will giggle every time you walk by and remember how funny and awesome he was. Good thing there are great fabrics to distract you!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

So sorry for your loss, Sherry.
I hope that each day it gets a teensy bit easier for you and your family.

Thinking of you......

pam {simple details} said...

Happy to see something pretty has distracted you for a bit. All of a sudden my mirrors are looking very boring!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

One bottle of wine at a time, one post at a time. Beautiful painting.

Simply LKJ said...

Hang in there, it will gradually get easier. Loving that fabric!!

Mary said...

Losing a pet is no different than losing any other family member.
Speaking of IS his sister doing? Is she sad also?
I know you're giving her lots of love.

Karena said...

Oh Sherry I am so sorry.....I have been through ti too!

I love browsing through gorgeous fabrics!!

2013 Designer and Artists Series

kelly said...

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Cindy Albert said...

Sherry, so glad to see you posting. You bring so much joy to a lot of lives. Life is a mystery with its ups and downs. I am always grateful to the dear souls who show us how to live gracefully!, My guru and inspiration for earning a degree in design, Alexandra Stoddard, just lost a loved one. In her October newsletter she talked about her grieving process and healing process. If you think it might help, you can go to

Your fabrics are beautiful! Don't you think it's interesting how healing beauty is? One of Alexandra's favorite sayings is "beauty is truth and truth is beauty". Hope I said that right. If not, I'm sure you get the point.

Anyway, lots of love to you. Hope your week is filled with wonderful blessings.

René said...

The painting is beautiful! I understand the guilt feelings, because we had to do it twice (one also being 8 years old). You absolutely did the right thing. I've been thinking of you a lot friend.

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about your dog. I am a dog lover too. In addition to fabric shopping, you could probably use some pillow therapy. Love the colorful fabric!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry, I worked thru a lot of guilt when our beloved dog passed in January. It is part of the grieving process and the combo of emotions...loss, guilt, sadness is was so raw at first. It took me about a month work through it all and I was so taken back by that. At 36 years old and a working own Mom had to come up to Atlanta and help our family for a week because I was so distraught. When I came out of the tunnel, I was stronger for it. I will never stop missing my pal but now when I think of her I smile more often than I cry.

Debbie Jacobs Designs said...

Sherry, you are right to ease back into design. Take the time you need to heal. We lost our Jack Russell two and a half years ago and the pain is still there, but much softer. It is an enormous hurt when you loose a four legged baby. They depend on us, love us, sleep with us. They are such a huge part of our lives with their unconditional love. It takes time for that giant lump of pain to leave your chest, so go slow and celebrate his life. It will get easier.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Hang in there girl!
That Linda Donaghue painting is gorgeous. I love her work.
That mirror is insane!

kelly@tearinguphouses said...

glad you're hanging in there.

i really like that painting.

Woodside Park said...

That Swedish secretary is gorgeous!!! As are the fabrics!

Unknown said...

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