I know...I have gotten so lazy about blogging....I think of all these things I want to talk about and then I get distracted and well...I am sure we all know how that goes down!

Anyway I posted a reel on Instagram and someone said the pictures move too quickly so I thought I would put some of them on a post!  I can be nice like that:)

This was a fun project as I was working with Ladisic Fine Homes so things get done in a timely manner.

It was a renovation and there were some things that could not change.  The kitchen had a stainless backsplash and countertop so we worked with it.  The kitchen designer was Studio Entourage and they always bring the good ideas.

Here are a few before pictures where you can see the stainless steel elements that could not be changed.

These are all from the kitchen side and the other side was a laundry room that also needed an upgrade.  

The first idea was to add a door so that you did not have to go outside the kitchen to get to the other space.  

Here it is after they cut and framed the door way.

As you can see the cabinets were just kind of a yellow color.  New doors were made and the boxes were painted!

I chose Benjamin Moore Wolf Gray and it actually went well with all of the stainless!  All of the trim was painted the same also.

I selected a neutral gray and white check wallpaper to go in both rooms and the cabinets in the laundry room were oak.

Anna French wallpaper and Raoul fabric.

Beautiful brass hardware from Matthew Quinn Collection!

I can not quit with the cafe curtains!

Below you can see that we mixed in some of the oak cabinets on the kitchen side....

There was a powder room in the laundry side so they changed the door so that you could enter from the hallway....

The before is above and what a makeover this was:)

I also wanted you to see these LVT floors that I picked...they look SO real!

And there you have it!  I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Sunday....I took a long walk early this morning to beat the heat and now Cami and I are hanging out in the air conditioner.



Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Sherry. I love the ss.
Lucas karen 39

Anonymous said...

You are so, so good!! Your before and afters are my absolute favorite!! Thank you for sharing.

Dawn said...


Anonymous said...

You are amazing!

leslie King said...

That bathroom!!! Perfection!

Janice Harris said...


barbara said...

See how you took some that may have been seen as a liability and turned it chic and intentional? Bravo!

Sally said...

Love this redo! I had “Harvest Gold” checked wallpaper like this in my 1974 new house in Massachusetts! Love the fabric you picked too.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

This looks fabulous! Love the cafe curtains!


Pat Brock said...

I just happened to stumble onto your post. What an amazing job. It was like Christmas day every corner. Or you turned. There was a surprise. You took advantage of every square inch. It’s just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us of a wonderful weekend.

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