Well I guess I did take a small break....every time I say I am going to blog more I curse myself:)

But hey....I guess that is what old people do...I don't know....but maybe! 
I will be 71 in a little over 3 weeks....yikes!

Anyway....This will be short but I thought you might enjoy a bedroom that is 95% finished except for one big wall that needs something but you won't see it in these pictures....because I can be clever like that....

I worked on this house from the beginning and I might add it is one of my favorite homes.  The light in this house is amazing....

Every darn room is magical.

I have posted some of this room before while in progress....she actually had the rug in a family room in her old house.  She also had the bedside chest so we repurposed them here.  We ordered the bedspread from has a great romantic feel.

These beautiful Visual Comfort lamps were the perfect modern touch for this know it is good to mix the modern and tradition together.

Newsflash right...haha

I ordered some really pretty Schumacher velvet to make a headboard...again with a more streamlined style! 
And the very pretty Gabby Decor mirror was a nice addition for over the bed.

One of my favorite soft florals from Lee Jofa!

Here is what is really cool....she had these shutters and they were a perfect fit in this bedroom on each side of the window....winner!

She also had the chair and art which also go pretty with the softness of the space.  Another piece of modern furniture with the acrylic console!

In the bathroom we painted the walls BM Coventry gray and she found this rug at Scotts Antique Market....It was the perfect combination of colors!

So I am off to walk Cami....we have been having great weather here in Atlanta but it is not going to last. I am headed to Scott's on Thursday to look for things for an install coming up....



Anonymous said...

You are a genius. I am in awe. How do you do it? every single choice---WOW.

Janice Harris said...


Anonymous said...

Always glad to see a post from you and see your talented work!

Anonymous said...

can you provide a link for the bedspread you ordered from amazon? it's perfect!
thanks for sharing!

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