Well hello peeps!  I've missed you.....but I was down for a while with Covid!  Yup...I was kind of lax getting my booster and I actually thought it was just a cold as those were my symptoms but I noticed my taste and smell were off so that is what made me go to the drugstore and get a test.  

Luckily the few people I did have some contact with were not infected...... except Rose....and I like to share everything with her anyway:)  What was weird was that our symptoms were SO different....She had a fever and I never got one....and she did not lose her smell or taste. 

Anyway I still have the sniffles but feel pretty good over all.  A little tired in the afternoons....

I have a little update on one of my fav's the one that I did the bathroom for! I am sure all of you have been hearing about the supply chain problems so of course furniture has been slowly trickling in.

I am so used to getting it all in and then doing a major install but at this time I just don't want people to be waiting for things any longer.....

Anyway the bed finally arrived and I remember being so angst about ordering a camel colored bed but in the end I trusted my gut and boy am I glad I did!

This is the bed style I ordered from Bernhardt called the Cooper Wing Bed.

Remember when I installed this amazing Romo wallpaper on just the bed wall?

She already had these lamps so I just got some new shades...and that was an improvement right away!

I ordered these Noir night stands...I needed something that was not too deep as there is a closet door on one said and these were perfect.  Plus I knew I wanted black as they also had this amazing MCM dresser that they wanted to keep!

This is the dresser.....

Here is a closeup of the blinds I ordered....

After the light fixture was installed I found the most amazing vintage rug that was perfect!

Here is a closeup of the bed with the wallpaper....I don't know about you but I am in love!

And here she is in all of her glory.....I think the rug is the shining star!

I love when I room looks curated and I think one has that feeling with some vintage mixed in with the new....

She had the art so I hung it but it will eventually go in the bathroom as I found an amazing piece for this wall.  Need to get it framed first!

I also found a chest for under the TV....I looked long and hard for this as it needed to blend with both the MCM dresser and the black nightstands....

It still has a clean look but it is a darker finish than the dresser.....they really need storage since this  downsizing and I was so happy to find it!

I have been playing around with some accessories!

I also found an amazing mirror to go over the dresser but have not had a chance to get it hung yet!

Of course now I am in a dither to find a  lamp and some accessories.  It's always something:)

So it's been a little over 3 months since I lost my sister to cancer.  I still walk by her house everyday and think all the same things that everyone else thinks when they lose a loved one too soon.....I wish I could pick up the phone and call her.  As a family we are about to spend Thanksgiving in her new kitchen and it will be such a bittersweet moment as she had been talking about this renovation for a couple of years.

 I think the thing about death is... it's hard to realize sometimes how final it is....and of course there is always thoughts of "could I have done more"....other medical treatments that we could have tried....

Maybe it would have extended her life a few months but the outcome would have eventually been the same.

Hope you guys are all well.....



Barb in NJ said...

When I moved into my old new house 4.5 years ago, I went with a blue & white theme which I still love but every.single.project of yours looks amazing and sometimes, I wish I could start over and stick with neutrals. You are the best of the bunch!

Every first after someone dies is SO hard and your situation is even more difficult because you pass your sister's house daily and she's no longer there. The holidays will be bittersweet with lots of memories of your sister to share. XO

debra @ 5th and state said...

COVID?!??! And Rose too!! Glad you are on the mend

Onto that bedroom.....absolutely killer! and that rug, wallpaper, headboard....gasp Sherry!


ps....the first holiday without a loved one is one more trial for all of you. hoping peace comes into your heart, soon

Sarah said...

CBS Sunday Morning had a segment about someone mounting a telephone out in the forest by a walking trail. It was connected to nothing, of course, but random people were using the phone to “call” departed family and friends. I’m describing this terribly, but it was so touching, and I was practically sobbing by the end of it. So I guess what I’m saying is, it might help you to make that call. And just say what you’re feeling.

Very glad your bout with Covid was mild! I thought I had it when one night I noticed my Listerine didn’t burn the heck out of my mouth as it usually does. I was sure my sense of taste was going. Turned out to be nothing, and I’d probably burned and numbed my tongue eating hot pizza, lol.

The room is beautiful. You’re just so good!

AnneHH said...

Of course you are still sad, Sherry. But time will help with the day to day. I think though that it is a measure of the love that was there that means certain loved ones we never get over the loss even if we can go back to functioning and even finding joy in our lives. Take all of the time that you need. In the meanwhile, you are doing beautiful work and I hope that gives you some satisfaction. My DIL also got breakthrough COVID and lost her taste and smell senses. Hope you are getting yours back faster than she has. Her doc gave her something to help reawaken those senses which I didn't even know was available. Please take extra care of yourself during the holiday season. Sending you lots of love and support!! xo

Kathie said...

So much kind and wise words from your supporters. Understanding your hurt in your sister’s absence, I lost my son. All I can offer is to sit with you virtually in your pain, as words escape me. Sending you love and light.
P.S. The bedroom is simply elegant, so good!

tanyaj said...

stay well, rest and heal and cherish the memories of your sweet sister. speak of her often share stories and she will be with you in spirit in that lovely new kitchen. your bedroom makeover is divine. happy holidays

Anonymous said...

The first year is the hardest. The pain lessens but the hurt remains. Remember the good times as they help pull you through.

Renee said...

That camel color is so good. You manage to pull off the curated look perfectly! I appreciate you sharing your grief…we don’t talk about it enough and I think it is crucial for all of us who are grieving. Sending love ❤️

Su-z said...

That bed is amazing. I’ve been infatuated with it since I saw it on Instagram. I am upholstering one for our guest room right now (we didn’t want to wait forever for a custom one, but wanted a custom one). The room had a similar Bernhardt in it before my daughter moved out and took it with her (our gift to incentivize her to move).

Sorry for the pain of grief that you are experiencing. After my dad died I thought I would see him everywhere. I kept his number on my phone and looked at it once in a while just imagining calling him. I am glad you are having thanksgiving in her kitchen. I’m sure she would be happy to know that.

Glad your COVID wasn’t disabling and you’re starting to feel better. ❤️

June Pope said...

Sad Sherry! I’m so sorry you have to endure all this pain. Maybe your family can add positivity to your Thanksgiving dinner; everyone could tell their funniest memories of your sister. Be thankful for the years you had her and recall all the love she gave and received. I’ll be thinking of you this coming week.
The neutral bedroom is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. I love all the different tones and shades. Please share again when everything is done. I’d love to see the mirror up and the new art you chose.

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