I told y'all on Tuesday that I would be joining 5 other bloggers to discuss 2021 Design Trends.

Look at little ole me hanging with the big dogs!

And here I am at 5:15 Wednesday afternoon [that is why I am not a big dog] putting this little ditty together while I am almost positive all of the others are having a glass of wine by now because they have been finished since November.

Yeah....whiner.....party of one.

OK....I am not totally in the weeds here as I have been at least thinking about it.  That counts right?

Here goes.....get your coffee or wine and take a little break!

The first thing I am seeing a lot of is Applied Wall Trim in an architectural way.

It is a very classic look and has been around since the stone age.

I worked on 3 renovations last year and the architect called for it in a few rooms.  Now I know what you are thinking!  How do I hang pictures on it?

Well I found this inspirational photo for you.

You are welcome.

Next up is Painted Doors

Remember when everyone was painting their interior doors black?  I do and I still love that look as it is so classic.  But....if you are not a fan then I have seen lots of lighter colors happening lately!

Number 3 would be Wood Kitchen Cabinets.  Look I love a white kitchen....that is no secret but I am also a fan of adding some wood to warm it up.  It is safe to say that this trend started out west and has been slowly working its way to us here in Georgia.

Now this is what you might be thinking we are talking about...

OK....I know you remember this look....but think again!

You with me now?

Plenty of white but the wood really warms it up....

I love the look now but we all know that one day in 10 years or so we might be standing around thinking "a nice coat of fresh white paint will sell this place"  Ha Ha

Dark Houses

OK.....we have seen plenty of houses painted white [including mine] over the last 5 years.  Look I love a pretty white house and I would be OK if every house was white and we all wore white and the inside of said houses were white.....but hey that would be kind of weird..........but would it:)   

I am loving dark painted houses so hard right now.

I think a little wood or white windows also makes a dark house pretty.

If you remember I got my clients to paint the Madison Project dark and it looks so good.

Moving right along I am going with the return of Rich Color on the walls.  Again....I love a good white room but....when I see rich saturated colors like this I start to gaze up to the sky with my hand on my chin and say hmmmmmmm......



What are you thoughts on this one?

So my last trend has to do with Kitchen Backsplashes 

I am seeing a lot of kitchens without a tile backsplash.....but just taking the counter material and running it up the wall.  I have done this in a few projects and I like it.

West Of Main

I was at the Mart yesterday and both Rose and I decided we did not see any earth shattering trends in interior design but we are noticing that mixing modern with some old vintage pieces is popping on the pages of magazines.  It really helps to keep a room from feeling predictable.

I am so curious to read what is trending in other areas....so run over to these bloggers to see what they have to say!

Mary Ann Pickett  Classic Casual Home
Annie Diamond Most Lovely Things
Joni Webb Cote de Texas

Are you on board with these are are you scratching your head and mumbling "what is she talking about....I have been doing all of these for years".  
That may be true and we may be a little late to the party here in Georgia:)



debra @ 5th and state said...

high five! Ditto on your choices

at the mart I am not inspired. I did notice a lack of silver lighting, only because I have s client who wants that, figures.....


cindy hattersley design said...

Couldn't wait to read this! Yes to dark houses if I ever sell mine and build dark it is. Love the slab backsplashes, did same in my last kitchen project. So funny about dark rooms. Love reading the experts opinions. Kind of like terrazzo. It's in no it's out. Bottom line, I am happy to see the overdone modern farmhouse run it's course, and instant decor. Thanks so much for joining us. Oh and by the way you know someone else was up all night with you, not sipping a glass of wine and relaxing. Wait maybe I was drinking a glass of wine as I was finishing my post!!

Anne said...

Great posts! Totally agree with all of your ideas.

Carolyn A said...

Forgive me if I missed it - but my favorite door color was the last one you showed - the pic under the Boothbay Gray door. I didn't see the color of that one posted:(

La Contessa said...


Mary Ann Pickett said...

It's fun to see the Victorian houses painted dark around here. I do love painted interior doors. I used the same slab for the backsplash in our Newport Beach house...still love it. Thanks so much for doing this with us, Sherry! Sorry for keeping you up...but it was worth it. LOVE your takes on design.

cotedetexas said...

I love those houses. I want one!!! I need to move so bad. You are so funny!!!!!! Loved this !!! And I was sweating bullets for two weeks over this. Maybe longer. Went to sleep at six am.

Anonymous said...

Love the wall trim and love visiting places with dark walls but not something I want in my home. Grey walls remind me of cloudy, gloomy overcast days and dark colors, especially black, remind me of nigh time. Not saying it’s not beautiful and cozy feeling - just not something I’d want to be surrounded by 24/7. Great post!

Jenny said...

I think you're on point with all of these trends Sherry, and I'm on board! Question about running the countertop material up as a backsplash - are there any concerns with them being damaged when you have a high powered range with the backdrafts that run right along the back of the range like some of those in the photos? We're planning a remodel, and I love that look, but want to be sure there's not any issues.

Love your take on design trends!

www.blogspot.allthatispie.com said...

great post. the marble backsplash is really lovely, but if you actually cook food, it might get grubby and stained. I you are rich enough to replace every 5 or 6 years go for it. I have the prettiest tile in the mr and mrs bathroom, which is very large, and need to refurbish all, and I wish I had done a lower maintenance floor and counter in my RV I mean bathroom that is the size of an RV

Carla Aston said...

Love all these, Sherry! Slab backsplashes are just beautiful and make such a fab statement. Love them!!

acornarts said...

Thank you for not describing these rich tones as MOODY! Love the colors, and the trend, painted my bedroom FB Calke Green, but I am so over moody as a descriptor! lol

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of everything looking the same with gray and white, gray and white, gray and white so I love the richness of deep color with wood.
I also like the (old) idea of running the counter seamlessly up as back splash, rather than the same old white subway tile everybody has.

Karen said...

Your lateness suits me---I'm late with my chance to read it. 🤗
I really like most of the trends you've shared. But since I recently discovered the term that describes my style is granny chic, I'm not sure my opinion fits with "new trends". haha
I always enjoy your posts.

Heiða said...

All these have been trending here in Iceland as well and I love them all.

I'm sharing a link that you may like:

Jenny G said...

I agree with all your trends. I have also seen darker painted trim lately - not just white. I like the idea of painting the doors. I also love the idea of white and wood cabinets or white and painted cabinets.

Heather H said...

What's the paint color of the door under the Boothbay Gray door? That one is my favorite but I can't see a paint color! Thanks!

My Kitchen Worktop said...

We love the idea of dark cabinets for the kitchen. It allows you to get a clear kitchen worktop, and the contrast is quite beautiful, making the room seem bigger. Thanks!

motay said...

I want the color of the door under the "Boothbay Gray" door too. Can't find it - not listed. Please!!

Sara Looney said...

Love the idea of painting the doors any color besides black! Can you please share the paint color in the last photo? The color on the doors and the staircase would be amazing in my home. Thank you!!

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