Y'all....yesterday I took Cami to a new grooming place.  


Well I have taken all of my dogs to Pet Smart and this guy has been there for 10 years and all the sudden the last time I called he was gone.  So.....I just booked with a random person and Cami nipped her.

Uh oh.  Trouble.  

So this time I called around and booked a new place.....[spread the bites around] and  
the lady was SO FRIENDLY on the phone so I was excited!

When I drove up I thought the building was abandoned..... it was in such bad the sign was down and when I went in it was dirty and this weird guy came out of a back room tucking in his shirt.  Ewwwww.

No sign of the friendly woman!

Me texting my friend who used to own a doggy day care facility.  

I freaked out when I got back in the car and the whole way home I wanted to turn around and go back. 

I was a wreck the whole day....seriously I wanted to go pick her up but I couldn't think of a reason to tell them....and got nothing done.

Long story short when I went back to get her at 3 and the nice lady was there and she looked perfect!

They even put a pretty bow on her:)


OK on to design!

I was looking for some pillows on Pottery Barn and ran across some pretty good stuff.....mostly neutrals because well....that is usually on my agenda!

Starting with pillows.....of course.

And some great accessories!

Look at these amazing table lamps....

And I never met a black lamp I didn't like!

These light fixtures aren't cheap but occasionally they have 30% off lighting and then they are a deal!

I love this line below as all I could think about  was staining them a dark ebony.....but hey even in this light color they have a "Scandinavian look"

And this piece below....not crazy about the slats but you could load it with books or baskets!
The bench below caught my eye!

And this little number below....
Yes please!

And these 2 mirrors below....

Well....thoughts?  Listen PB gets a bad rap sometimes and for sure I HATE when I go to a clients house and they hand me the catalog saying "I love all of this"....because I want to give them a curated look but y'all know that I love to mix the high and low!

So...I called my doc and got some medicine and after 2 days I am not feeling much better....but hey I am impatient so we will see.  I am tired of coughing and peeing.

Last night Rose and I went to Ballard Designs to celebrate their 100th podcast.....guess what I was number 4....haha.

The dress is from Target by their Prologue collection and I can't find it online anymore.  But the belt is this one....
The lightweight coat is an old Eileen Fisher [4 years].

OK.....get started on Friday!

Sherika Freaka


Anonymous said...

Dog grooming, Pottery Barn, and then coughing and peeing? What's the backstory on that?

Denise said...

You might think of bartering your design services for dog grooming - win win!

Jenn Carr said...

IF you're still in the market for good dog groomers, I take my Standard Poodle to Pet Gallery on Chattahoochee Ave, near Nuevo Laredo. (Might be too far from where you are.) They're great and reasonably priced. Meanwhile, Cami looks great! Love the PB pillows.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Cami looks beautiful!!! We were discussing dog grooming at the dog park... it's like as much as I pay for my hair! Anyway, a lady said to me in a southern accent (which you don't hear much around these parts) pointing to Chief "You could wash him in the sink like a pair of panties!" HAHAHa. True. And he loves a warm bath!

Hope you feel better!

Su-z said...

Cami is a doll. Glad she didn’t bite the new lady. Looks can be deceiving. We board our dogs at this place that looks similar to your groomer’s place. But the lady that runs it is amazing and a true “dog person”. They have lovely rooms with their own runs and she treats them like royalty. Anyway, I found your blog through your interview on the BD podcast! Loved it.

Gail Storti said...

Cami looks gorgeous, certainly red carpet ready! Just goes to show you, you can’t always judge a book by its cover! But I would have felt the exact same way! I didn’t know Ballard has a Podcast and you look fabulous in your Target dress and belt, guess I need to look harder next time I’m there. LOVE all your necklaces!

Myla said...

You always look fantastic! Can you source your necklaces for us?

Valerie Naples said...

Loved seeing you at the Ballard event!!!

leslocks143 said...
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rinabos143 said...
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edsmith143 said...
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