Who can believe it is the middle of July?  What if I said there are 155 days until Christmas.....that will shake you awake from your "summer slumber" huh? 

It's only 18 days until my nieces wedding....I have all my outfits planned out for 4 occasions which I will share in another post! 

I also got suckered into having an after wedding brunch on Sunday morning so now I am in a dither to redecorate my whole house....haha...just kidding....haha....maybe not.

Blah....blah....blah.....first world problems.

Do you guys remember when I was doing the House Beautiful showhouse? the same time I was also designing a room for another showhouse down in Fayetteville Georgia which is at least 35 miles from my house. was a busy month!  A lot of rule breaking when I said I would never do another room at a showhouse again after I did one about 5 years ago.  

But whatever....#slowlearner

The point of all the complaining is I never shared the professional pictures of my space. [taken by Lauren Rubenstein 

STOP.....before you start firing off questions about where everything came from here is the link to the post I wrote about it all:

Part One
Part Two

So yes I get it....this post could be mistaken for a complete sham.....meaning I have already shown most of these but I swear these are new pictures....lest the blog police come after me for recycling content.

Summer blogging is tough y'all....taps on the anyone NOT on vacation?

In other news....August 2nd I will be in Marietta at DK Gallery curating a piece of art along with a few other designers!


Here's the art that I chose....
This one just spoke to me......Come on by!

AND....I posted this on insta stories....I had never heard of this stuff!

But seems like I am in the minority here....

Alrighty's lower body day at Bach so I have to get going!

Sheriky freaky

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Gail Storti said...

Yikes, you had to bring up the “C” word. Make it stop...the days fly by all too fast! Loved seeing the Pinewood project again. Never get tired of seeing how you put your magic to work and make beautiful spaces. Wish I lived in Atlanta, I’d come to the dk gallery to meet you. And I’ve seen Jackfruit in the market but have no idea what the inside looks like or what it tastes like. Doesn’t look live it would be very good but looks can be deceiving!

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