Hope you had fun doing some #blackandwhite shopping!  I was at a friends house the other day and we were talking about designing our own homes.  I told her when I finally changed over to neutrals....was when I stopped changing things.

That was about 5 years ago.  There are a lot of factors but if I had to pick one it would be this.  I don't feel that pressure to latch on the the latest trends or colors.....and a bonus....I think it's easy to find accessories, fabrics and anything else in black, white and neutrals!

So it's getting close to the end of the Atlanta Holiday Home Showhouse!  For those of you that aren't local....I am here to share the last few rooms because if you are like me then you live for the creativity of these spaces.

OK that might be a little dramatic but we have seen time and time again what designers can do when they have #creativeliberty!

BD Jefferies
This space was above the garage....perfect family hangout!  Love this wood ping pong table!

I am sure you have figured out how much I love this room with all of the neutral tones...:)

The master bedroom by Jessica Bradley was exquisite.  So luxe.....
Starting with this incredible channel bed in a gorgeous velvet!  Swoon.....

Styled to perfection.....

And then right into the master bath.....designed by Chris Scocci

The traditional Cole and Son "hummingbirds" wallpaper mixed with the modern Brunschwig and Fils curtain fabric was brilliant.

The mirror....and that vanity.....hubba hubba!

Beautiful details....

The closet.....yes please....

Chris has layering and mixing on point!

Lauren Davenport combined glamour and masculine feels in her sitting room!

Nothing like a grouping of art to make a statement.

The last room designed by John Fernandez
It was a clever mix of traditional and modern....which is the goal these days huh?

Notice all the dark green/blue walls in this home!

Three post on the you have a favorite?  Are you down with dark walls....or color...or are you a neutral gal like me?

Well that's it!  Seriously I wish there was a showhouse every other month....then I would never run out of blogging material....hee haw.

I'm going on a mini vacation on Thursday!  To Antiqua, Guatemala for the opening of my nephews tap room.  Just for a few days during the busiest time of the the year for designers....uh huh.

So.....I may or may not publish on Friday but I'll try and get my s#@t together :)



Patty Markey said...

Ping Pong Table Room and Master favorites. Thanks for posting. Enjoy Guatemala!

Angie said... the art wall and headboard!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to the showhouse this year because I was sick. ugh. I've gone almost every year and love a showhouse! I remember the day when you were not allowed to take photos of showhouse rooms. Of, course I would sneak a pic or two. Now everyone posts everything and the thrill is kind of dwindling. I wonder if it has increased or decreased the number of people going. I used to be so excited to see the houses but now I feel like I can pretty much see it all on instagram. Your thoughts?

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