In the "old days" I aways had so much to blog about:)......Lately I have this feeling that you are probably falling asleep while reading mid sentence thinking "this chick better get it together....and get a life".

I know...I feel your pain.  

Especially lately with 100% of my effort going into 2 showhouses.  That I can't blog about really...

But hey....just like in a marriage that ebbs and flows the same thing happens in "blogland" haha.

So hang in there with me.  I'm cheating again today with a few squeaky shots of the House Beautiful Wellness House.

Did I mention that I had to pick out like 258 light fixtures?  Well not that many really but it felt like it!  The good news is that Circa Lighting was a sponsor and we know how good their selections are!  Of course it seemed like every one I picked out was back-ordered....grrrrr.

I picked 6 of these cute little sconces for the stairwell.

This one is pretty new so I put it in the foyer...

Matthew Quinn designed this powder bath, the kitchen and the master bath.


Master Bath

Kitchen backsplash from Renaissance Tile

I love the color of this tile for the girls bathroom.....

This was the plan for the bar area which is also the "friends entrance"....

My new favorite color is BM Ashwood Moss

And these doors right?

And here is the friends pretty huh?

Woodward Outdoor Furniture was a sponsor so here is my plan....
Mixed in with some great Thibaut outdoor fabrics

Another sponsor was Loloi and we got to use this beauty!

See these boxes below....I had to open 4 times this many from all the sponsors like Ballard Designs and Perigold!  

In the house without AC!
It was brutal y'all.

Update on Cami....finally yesterday [one week later] no diarrhea.  


And..... I went to bed on Tuesday night feeling fine and then apparently the "cold fairy" tip toed in my room and conked me on the head.  

So Wednesday I woke up to the results of that visit with a nasty cold. 





Lisa said...

Can't wait to see these showhouses! Hope you are feeling better.

onnery said...

Nice fixtures, and I like the friends entrance idea and your choices! Feel better.

Regina said...

Love all the lighting and fabrics!

Tracy said...

I am literally drooling over all your goodies! We are building a house out of state and you have so many great design idea/plans I'd love to incorporate into my house ♥ Those skinny wood doors? Do tell! Such a beautiful, beautiful home. Just keep looking forward to that moment you drop down onto your comfy couch and say "We're Done".....(but we all know that doesn't last for very long Ü).

Gail Storti said...

Fall asleep...never! Ok, you might think you aren’t sharing stuff we want to see, but you could blog about your favorite pair of slippers and with your sense of humor, you’d brighten my day. I love all the Circa light fixtures and fabrics. Can’t wait for the big reveal. Hope you feel better soon.

cindy hattersley design said...

I feel your pain with back in the old days of blogging never bore us...we always devour your humor and your great taste...keep it comin!

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