I forgot to tell you this....I am now down 16 lbs on my Weight Watchers journey!  I admit I had gotten frustrated and stopped weighing myself for a few weeks....stuck at 13 pounds.  

I was still at it....cheating every now and then in some social situations....but then last week I got the courage [I know that sounds stupid] [#issues] to step on the scale and was shocked!

Maybe those few cheat days jump started my metabolism....who knows....I'll take it!

What is really weird is that I can still wear all my clothes...they just fit me now!  Hee Haw

Anyway I'm not going to get cocky cause you know how that goes....takes 4 months to lose it and a week to gain it back!

I've got a little This and That for you today.  Even though I worked hard on my Pinewood Showhouse last week I can't really put gobs of pictures on here as it is getting photographed for Atlanta Magazine's Home coming out in the fall!

As I said..... I practically outfitted the whole space from World Market.  Sunday I was doing all my returns and they had restocked some new stuff!

I know everyone isn't into tribal but it sure is pretty and colorful!

Remember when Pier One had all the great baskets......WM had definitely taken the lead on that right?

And by the way....LOVING these organic dishes!

Returning things to HomeGoods....I saw these goodies!

I truly wanted this bench so badly....and it would have worked well in my showhouse...but the trick is to return and get the heck outta there without buying something new right?  #hardtodo

Since I am a true lover of anything rattan..... these caught my eye at Decades Antiques in Atlanta!

I picked this tile for a smitten with it's organic feel!

These bathrooms coming together for the HB project.....

Circa Lighting Sconce

Love the color of this house going up in Pinewood Forest.....

And my friends Jennifer Schoenberger and Lindsey Hene put this pretty combo together for their space!  What is better than animal, plaid and a little geometric all together! 

We are using this custom textile line from Abbot and Atlas at the HB showhouse!

And I bought these from J Crew.

Reading this!  So good.

I gotta tell ya.....I am pretty tired of schlepping bags of design related items out of the store, in my house.....out of my house and into the car....etc.

I've hit my limit.  Who knew I had one....guess I found out :)

Today is another day....and more deadlines so off I go!



onnery said...

Congrats on the WW success!
You are chock full of goodies today. Let me just say first, I love the shoes, then the tiles ,then the chairs, then the sconce, then the fabrics … well, you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

I think you lost extra weight because you work so hard and push yourself constantly - I bet you never sit down!

Love the post.

A happy reader said...

Sixteen pounds!!!! Congratulations. I’m jealous but too undisciplined to do the work as you’ve done.

TnRVAgrl said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your posts although I'm horrible at commenting on your blog, although I READ IT RELIGIOUSLY, look forward to every single post.
I'm much better on Social Media. As someone close to your age I want you to know how inspring you are!!!! I am not sure WHERE you get your energy from?
I am so proud of you in so many ways!!! 16 LBS??? THREE DESIGN JOBS SIMULTANEOUSLY?
Huge!! High Five!

Jennifer Schoenberger said...

Thanks me lady for the mention!! Love the shoes and you!!!!

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