You know how every 2 weeks the stores like Gap, Banana Republic....etc bring in all new merchandise and change out the front of the store to get you in there and start buying?

Well it happens in the design industry also only 2 times a year....spring and fall!

I was at ADAC the other day scouring for fabrics....just looking for that perfect piece to complete the plan and I saw some great new stuff coming out from Lee Jofa.

If you are a designer and you can't get to the design center.....or just a "plain person" who needs to call your designer and demand one of these wonderful fabrics or wallpaper then this post is for YOU!

Let's start with Kelly Wearstler because we all love her right?

You know these above are my favorite right?

How about some fabulous trims!

Gah!....I love these!

Next up are some great wallpapers from Kelly

The popular Channels wallpaper is out in different color-ways!

Do you see any you like?

 Little puppies :)

The one above is all over the internet in black and white!

Yesterday I was on a panel at ADAC for Digital Day along with Holly from The English Room and Linda..... the brains.... from The One Room Challenge speaking about social media!  Looking at this picture I am shocked how blonde I am....Crikey!

A friend told me about this great Dogfood!  I think I will try it for Cami.

Spent a few hours at Circa Lighting picking all the light fixtures for a new project.....stay tuned!

That was my week....hope you guys have a great weekend....



patti said...

Really like the trim! The Mulberry Teal and the Cole and Son one with the birds are wallpaper favorites. Thanks for sharing, Blondie!

Blayne said...

I like the blond!

Unknown said...

Hi Sherry. I attended digital day and wanted to thank you for sharing your point of view. I'm literally trying to build my blog/website today. Thanks for all the inspiration!

debra @ 5th and state said...

first thought....."geeze she is cute!"

second......wish I had been there. anyways, thanks for this post, found a few items for a client.


ps.....did you see my recent response to your being here? I am sooooo sick over this. like a blooming idiot I just found your DM on Insta, a place I NOW know to check out 😫

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