Sorry I missed Friday's post!  We got to the beach on Thursday and I think I just shut down for 24 hours:)

I couldn't  believe how different the kitchen looked!  I knew I hated it before.....but after the renovation I was amazed at how much bigger it appeared.

Remember.....I had to do this on a  strict budget!  

Doing this project long distance was hard for me but my contractor was amazing....I really lucked out.  Y'all remember how stressed I was over selecting SW Pure White.....well I am here to say all is well.

I don't have exact pictures of the before but I grabbed some from the rental website [as all of them look exactly the same].

After....minimal staging here cause I'm on vacation haha.

I'll say it again....paint is a huge game changer.....

Here is the before

If you look carefully you can see how the island is bar height which I am not a fan of at all!!!

Again not my unit but my exact kitchen!

Before....taking out the granite and backsplash!

After the counter was cut down.

I picked a subway tile just because it is classic and will stand the test of time....

Granite going in!

I also added some shiplap around the island as it was drywall before and got pretty beat up.

Barstools are from Four Hands that I had ordered for someone else but they didn't work.....turns out  they look great with the granite!

The granite is Alaskan White which after research is sometimes called Colonial White.  I had to use granite because it is the most durable for a rental and much cheaper than quartz.

I used my favorite Grohe faucet.....

I didn't change the hardware holes but I did go to chrome to brighten things up.....

We had to replace the wall oven and the cooktop so I used Kitchenaid.

I ordered EVERYTHING from except the backsplash: [Lowes] granite: SS Granite

Close up of the granite and backsplash.

Damn I'm still amazed when I look at it and I see kitchen reno's all the time!

Here is one more thing that finally got changed out after 11 years.....can you believe I waited that long?

This light fixture was in EVERY unit....

I picked up the one below [which was a floor model at the mart] for a couple hundred dollars!  Of course I smugly went to ship it and UPS wanted over 500.00.

Crikey.  Thankfully we managed to fit it in the car with the 3 barstools, all of the luggage and Cami!!

Y'all this was started on Nov 27th and we got here Dec 28th.  Can you believe it.  I mean there are a few things left to do but Chris worked day and night!  If you live in the Destin area here is his info.

 It is a balmy 32 degrees here yet there are people in the pool. Are you kidding me?

Hope y'all had a great New Years Eve.  So excited for 2018!



gina said...

It looks great! Love it all! I’m still hoping to rent your place sometime in the near future!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to get the info on how to rent your beach rental? i love you blog so much thank you for all the pretties!!!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Nice work, Sherry!!

Rodolfo Ca said...

It looks amazing, loved seeing it (and you) in person! Happy New Year!

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

I stir this for a while and add half a chopped tomato and one split green chilly and a peeled potato chopped into two. galvanized fence

onnery said...

It really does look refreshed,amazing! That dining room light fixture is a wowzer!!

Claudine said...

Love everything!!! You hit the ball out of the park...again😊

Daniela - Sukhi said...

wooow you did a great job! congrats :)

jennifer said...

I'm excited too girl!!! Did I tell you my big plans for the kitchen...I'm making the entire keeping room the kitchen! Oh lordy, hold me back! And either elevating the fireplace to eye level or making it a wood fired pizza over (the fireplace peeps said it has to be all redone on the inside anyhow and its unsafe to have fires whoops)...of course after my money tree blooms ;-) HNY!!!! Let's go shopping!!!

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