So here we are with just 12 days until Christmas.  

Shocking right?  It was just September.  Parties are in full swing with swanky outfits being picked out!

I went to one party the other night at ADAC [but not before I complained that it started at 8:00 pm and I had to get in the shower and wash my hair at 6:30 at night.....put on makeup which is weird to me cause I am usually getting into my PJ's by then]..... [such a complainer] and saw these great flocked Christmas trees against a black wall!

It was stunning and so moody.  Note to self....line up christmas trees in my black bedroom.

Next year.

Anyway.....when I go to the grocery store [which I despise] I ALWAYS have to cruise through World Market.  

It's mandatory to do something fun before you torture yourself.

I saw lots of cool pretty gold barware. Which prompted me to look for some stylish bar carts!  

I'm nothing if not predictable.



It seems like pink is the color to use on bar carts right.....7 out of the 11 images have something pink on them!

Some great gold elements from World Market to put on your bar cart


I just bought this great bar cart for a client at 

Speaking of gold....

Check out this Miles Redd wallpaper from Schumacher I used on a ceiling with this chandelier.

Hope you guys are all caught up with shopping!



Mary Ann Pickett said...

That was fun. I was just in World Market yesterday and their wrapping was 50% off...and I saw those cute glasses. Great wallpaper on the ceiling!

Kathysue said...

I need to take a run into World Market. I did see those gold glasses earlier and they made me take pause and pick them up. Very sharp, Loving the design of the Target cart. I had to laugh at the beginning lines of this post, you are so doggone humorous, Sherry, one of the many things I love about you.

designchic said...

I love a good bar cart and seeing the styling of these makes me want to do a little revamping...maybe a trip to World Market and Target! Happy Wednesday!

therelishedroost said...

Agreed all great carts for sure!!

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