PROJECT DETAILS's me.  I might need an intervention to prevent me from talking about this project:)

Just saying.

One of my favorite areas in this house, recently featured in AH&L, is the dry bar.

It is right off the dining room and serves as a nice place for serving drinks or food.  Recently at their Christmas party they had all the food on the DR table and placed the deserts on the dry bar.

Here is a shot of the before....right after it has been painted.

The "pecky cypress" waiting to be faced on the cabinets.....

The back has antique mirror applied.....and that is a glass shelf with the candle sticks on it.  Since the shelf is 1" thick it had a really green edge we had the faux painter paint it with gold paint.  He also applied the stain on the cypress.....this guy is absolutely brilliant!

Here is a picture of the Sequoia Brown Leathered Marble [from Construction Resources].  You can also see the edge of the glass shelf before it was painted gold!

The hanging light fixtures are from Currey and Co.  I couldn't find them on their web site right now so hopefully they are still around.

I blogged about the vignette on the right repurposing the botanicals and bench from their previous home.

Here is a picture of the bench shown in the foyer of their last home.  

I had the cushion covered in cream linen.

Opposite the dry bar is this.....

That antique newel was found at Scott's.

And now.....

Table was purchased from Scott's, dining chairs from Charles Stewart using Kravet indoor/outdoor fabric.  I had some angst over using the chair 1/2's for the host and hostess but with such a long table I thought it would help balance it.  I love how they look.  They are also from Kravet using an indoor/outdoor fabric.  The art on the wall was used in their previous home.

The light fixtures are from Circa Lighting.  The walls and trim throughout are painted BM China White.  We also decided not to put a rug under the DR table.  The floors are so pretty and the rug would have to be just seemed nice to have the runner where most of the traffic is anyway.

Sudi made the sheer linen curtains.  They start at the second floor!  We needed a lot of
fabric so it was a good thing we were using something that did not need lining or interlining!

The green dining chairs were inspired by these....

This picture from pinterest.....I apologize for not knowing the source.

And this chair that I saw at Scott's.

The love the color green and since I was using green and gray in the helped to transition to the DR.

I know I have shared many of these details in other post as the house was being built but I just thought I would refresh your memory on why certain decisions were made.

OK.....more another time....duh:)

Off to Orange Theory for my first real WO of the year.  This might hurt a little.



A Perfect Gray said...

oh. my. gosh. this may be your best yet. that bar is the most creative and wonderful thing I have seen in a long while. love your work. love your style. donna

hcb interiors said...

1) the paint color of the bar 2) the gold edge of the glass shelf. 3). The newel post. 4) the DR chairs 5) the runner
You are a GENIUS! Seriously, each time you post, it just gets better. You should be super proud!!

René said...

THe entire space is incredible! Well done my friend!

therelishedroost said...

Agreed you out did yourself here! Love the different textures that work well without competing with each other! BRAVO!

Unknown said...

its sooooo good! talk away!!!!

My Notting Hill said...

Keep the details coming!!!

Anonymous said...


You are never Shablahblahblah :) I love this room & I love to see the updates on past projects. Your work is beautiful & so are you. Stephanie (

Anonymous said...

Would you kindly share the paint color and brand in the wet bar area?

Beth C. said...

Don't even think about organizing an intervention to stop sharing this project. I will then be forced to organize an intervention to squash your intervention! This project is da bomb! Best, Beth C.

StagerLinda said...

I love each and every detail you share with us. Soooo gorgeous. You coordinated each detail so beautifully. #STUNNING!

cindy hattersley design said...

Keep on sharing and keep on bragging! Every detail is fabulous! I can't get enough of it!!

debra @ 5th and state said...

no no, please do not stop sharing. MORE please! :-)

Online Plumbing Supplies said...

Wow! I love the antique feel. Every detail is perfect! Such great designs and textures. Great job!

IWISS PEX Crimper said...

absolutely beautiful! You did a great job!

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