It's my last day on vacation in Florida and it is a brisk 38 degrees.....back to Atlanta and work tomorrow.  Cue long sigh........

After finishing Making a Murderer on Netflix we watched Dear Zachery [also on Netflix] incredibly sad.  To say we were all hating the justice system after both of those documentaries  was an understatement.  I am usually such a "believer" and it was hard for me to accept these seemingly injustices could really be true you know?

When I am embarking on a 5 1/2 hour car ride I always grab my mile high stack of home decor catalogs to browse through.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite new items that can help update your room.....if you are into that sort of thing...haha 

First up is Pottery Barn.  I know.....but really there are some great things that won't break the bank and will give you the look for less!

Let's start will pillows....duh:)

All of these will give you that boho/eclectic look that is so popular now.

As seen with the talented Amber Interiors...

I had to look twice at these pieces of furniture....seems like PB is upping their game a little.

How about some rugs....
Again these are all on trend with what you are seeing in in some of your favorite rooms.

 With these light fixtures you won't break the bank if you are looking to upgrade your look.

I headed over to Ballard Design where I found some great transitional pieces.  They are having 20% off upholstery right now!

Love these new light fixtures and neutral pieces below!
I picked my favorite neutral accessories at Wisteria for you.  They are having a winter sale with 30% off now.

What a surprise that I picked mostly neutrals right?  It is totally unconscious so I guess it is in my DNA:)

Hope everyone has a great "first week back from the holidays"   it's tough going in the beginning for sure.....



Carrie said...

The pillows and light fixtures in the new PB catalog really got my attention, too. The temperature has nearly doubled here in Michigan -- from 12 this morning to 23 now. :O

designchic said...

Dying over the antelope rugs at Ballard - so fun!! Happy Tuesday!

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

All of those things made me do a double take- I have been tossing all of my catalogues lately but clearly I need to flip through them! And I binged watched Making of a Murderer and still can't shake my feelings about it!

pixelimpress said...

ooh, now i have to watch dear zachary. finished (well, and started) making a murderer this weekend. did you see... the filmmakers were on the today show yesterday saying that a juror contacted them and said most jurors believed avery was framed but a few jurors bullied them into swaying their votes. yep, pb upped their game with the new catalog.

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