You might start rolling your eyes when you see that most of my pictures from the Atlanta market are all about pillows.

I don't know what comes over me but when I see a great fabric combination in the form of a pillow I go into some kind of hyper-focus trance.

Look for yourself and see if a husband or child has to snap you out of it.

I am going to be very quiet while you take it all in.

Pillows from Ryan Studio.

Hello????  Come back to me.  Don't lie....did you have a few inspirational moments?

Now wipe your forehead and upper lip and take a deep breath.  I know..... they are just pillows but dayum it's like my "crack".

I did see some other stuff but I think it will be a let down after what you just saw.

This bed was pretty spectacular.....from Reborn Relics Home

And all of the sudden I want to do this Trellis wallpaper everywhere.  In pink.

These awesome mirrors from Mirror Image Home.

And as if somebody thought I was a little too happy.....this happened yesterday.

Yeah....sweet Cami proved to me just how destructive she can be.  I had just purchased these little gems a few weeks ago.  

I loved these sandals and people kept telling me how cute they were..... that I wanted to wear them around my neck and..... jump up and down....and dance and hug.

She sure did take the joy out of it:(  

Little bugger.



René said...

Bummer! I'm so sorry about your shoes. Yes, definitely inspired by those pillows - saw a few of my faves in those pictures :).

Kathysue said...

love your pillow post! I hardly meet a pillow I don't like. Sorry about the cute sandals, they really WERE cute!!
Happy Weekend,

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Those pillows give me such joy!!!

Chief chewed all around the edges of our coffee table! I don't know when he did it either as I keep him in the kitchen when I leave. But now that he's two, he's not so destructive and he really likes chewing on a fake toy stick that I got at Target. Good luck.

Danielle said...

Those mirrors are eye-catching. I don't think I've ever seen something like that in person. I would just stare at the light reflecting off of it all day.

Vel Criste said...

I'm a throwpillow fanatic by heart, so definitely enjoyed these! Love that lucite mirror too! Sorry about your sandal, it's just a great excuse to get a new pair though! ;-)

Unknown said...

It is like crack to us sick-o's. I see so many I could use ASAP- oh my, it's probably a good thing Im not there to see it, but it looks like heaven. Sorry about your shoes..but she sure is a cutie, so that makes it forgiveable! xo Nancy

hollybholly said...

I've never seen a blue and white zebra but LOVE the pillow. Now that's a zebra of a different color.

Chuck Schomaker said...

Would love to know the source for the blue and white zebra print fabric.Would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

Mary Beth at said...

I'm a serious lamp addict! and I move lamp shades from lamp to another like I move pieces on a chess board. lovely post (and our Golden is over a year and a half and I just picked up thousands of pieces of toilet paper yesterday! Forgot to close the bathroom door)

Pink Camellias said...

LOVE the watercolor pattern pillow with the pinks, greens and blues - so pretty! Sorry to hear about your shoe. When I was growing up we had a Collie named Sandy. He ate everything - phone books, shoes and our Atari.

Vickie @ Blanche & Kate Design said...

I am crazy about pillows and always love your pictures of pillow inspiration, they are such an easy and, relatively, inexpensive way to change things up a bit. Sorry about the "shoe loss", the joys of young, frisky and mischievous dogs that love to are so funny and that's important, a great sense of humor makes everything that much better.

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