Today I am writing about the art of photography.  I have worked with Anthony-Masterson a few times on photo shoots.  They are quite the cool hip couple.

Owen and Christine are a in married and working together.  In fact they even really like each other...... a lot. 

 #Best friends.

Anyway.....they have some great photography that is for sale and I wanted to be the one to blab about it.

Here are some of my favorites.

Anytime I might think I can take a pretty good picture I need to  come down to earth.  Not so much after seeing these.

I am such a big fan of photography used in interior spaces.  I feel if you can't afford some custom art then original print work will be the next best thing!  So get yourself

Next up is Jean Allsop.  I was walking around the shops in Rosemary Beach the other day [taking a break from cleaning!] and saw this book.....

After opening it up and flipping through it I got faint a little and had to sit down.  The photography and the design is breathtaking!

Jean used to work for Southern Living and Coastal Living before gong freelance.  She lives in Birmingham.  This follows the beautiful book 30A Styles which she photographed.

One of the designers featured in the book is Melanie Pounds.

After a little research I found her kitchen that was in House Beautiful in 2010! That is 5 years ago in case you are the creative type and can't add.  Meaning it is still so relevant today.

Holy crap this is good....

And then I found this bath....

I am truly a fan of her work.

So.....from photography to design....they go hand in hand because what good is a well designed room without a photographer to help show it's beauty right?

Have a great weekend...



My Notting Hill said...

You had me at a little faint and had to sit down - just ordered a copy.

Karena said...

Sherry I have grown to love fine art photography so much and this is a truly talented couple!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

The Arts by Karena
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Karena said...

As is Jean!! I must have the book as well!!

therelishedroost said...

Great design, interesting and well thought out with out being trendy I love it!

Woodside Park said...

Amen! Like they say, a photo is worth a thousand words. And a good one....well, priceless!!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love looking at great photography. That couple looks cool and chic. Love the pictures.

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