Alrighty then.....we are coming off a wet weekend here in Hot 'lanta.  I had big plans for gardening and power washing.....so now I will be scurrying this week to get everything done for my little soiree.

As promised I have more pictures of the show house Chateau Soleil.  Be sure to get there and see for yourself!

April 18-May 10

Let's start with the foyer by Loren Tayler.  Hot damn it was purdy.

Of course she had me at black and white....

Her vignettes were layered just right.

yum yum.

Kapow right?

Let's move to the bathroom designed by Beth Kooby.

Oh Beth.....you nailed it.

Adorb right?  The Hygge + West wallpaper looks so good in this space.

I don't hate this vanity.  Nope.  Not at all.

Blue ceiling....of course I'm digging that.

I got to meet Beth [bath] and Jennifer Bradley who did the Laundry Room and Office.

I was feeling this space with the gorgeous grasscloth wallpaper by Schumacher.

I love this little area for a puppy :)  By the way I am working on getting another rescue sheepdog.....more on that later!

This room was so good but I was chatting away and neglected to do the best job of taking pictures.

 Is this enough to whet your appetite?  

I feel like Atlanta is known for having one of the best Show House's in the country.  Of course I'm no expert but I sure do gush every year over all of the talent.

So back to the rescue.  I got in touch with the OES rescue and they have a girl in south Florida that needs a home.  She is 17 months old and her name is Camelot.  I can be her foster and if it works out then she is all mine!

So excited cause I sure do miss the love of a smooch muffin.

Have a great week.....get it done!



therelishedroost said...

Well that foyer had me at Clarence house fabric table covering!! That Vanity!! I tell you nothing like Atlanta designers!! We have a fabulous rescue group of here too- Home For Good in Summit NJ! Good luck!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

So fun!! I love everything I see. That foyer is exactly what I would put at home! LOVE!!

My Notting Hill said...

Always love your show house posts! Don't think I'll make it to Atlanta this year but it's fun to visit through your photos. I'm sure your party will be perfect.

René said...

That house looks amazing! Love all the layering and that powder room! It rained here yesterday too and I so need to power wash. Good luck with your party!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Bravo to you for stepping in to mother a rescue!!!

That powder room and laundry room...amazing!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

The tour and designs are amazing. So much inspiration.

Lauren said...

Such beautiful pictures, can't wait to get to the show house myself!

Congratulations on your pup! I'm also a doggy foster mom and it is so rewarding!

Beth C. said...

Best of luck with Camelot. I mean...the name alone is to die for! Best, Beth C.

karen said...


Don't we love how that sounds?

Many blessings ahead for my favorite designer!!xo!

designchic said...

What amazing spaces - love the art and wallpapers used…dying to see in person!

Dana Frieling said...

Such good news! Camelot's one lucky pup. Hope it all works out (and can't wait to see pictures)!

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for the mini tour! I haven't gotten down there to see the showhouse yet and I can't wait!! Good luck with getting a little smooch muffin who needs your love!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about the puppy. That is the only thing that helped my family when our Labrador was hit by a car. They can't take the place of the one you lost, but, they certainly occupy your attention, and make their own place in your heart.

Susan S said...

Looks oh-so-gorgeous! Hope we can see more pics once the tour is over for those of us who live states away.

Ah, so happy that you're seeking to rescue again. Another reader commented that, indeed, it never replaces the ones we've lost, but it does fill the gapping hole left in our hearts. Foster? Huh, you'll fall in love on the spot!

Unknown said...

Great pictures... love the spaces.. So happy to hear a new pup is in the works. Hope that works out great! There is nothing to soothe the loss of a beloved pet as getting another one to share your love. Fun times ahead!

Naz said...

Beautiful rooms. I wish we had something like that here but alas it's not to be.

So happy about the dog. Two of my daughters have dogs from shelters. It's all good.

Robin LaMonte said...

Thank you Sherry for including my kitchen in your blog. Yes, the homeowner did not want to pay for a major renovation so my only option was a Botox Renovation. The kitchen was all yellow and I did repaint the cabinets. I replaced the old checkerboard tile with the chevron marble,added the 2 coral colored fret drum shade lighting, new hardware, and faucets. The existing floorcloths had to be repainted as well. This was a Botox renovation at it's finest.

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