Good news....looks like we all made it through another week.

Around here it was pretty darn busy.

First up was a trip to Scott's with a client.  Normally that kind of situation can be a disaster but this chick likes to shop so it was like Disneyland for her.

Our goal was inspiration for a 12 ft dining table which will have to be custom made.  

The biggest decision was the base.  Here are a few we saw.

Love this look and especially the fact that no "legs" will get in the way of seating.

I got excited over these 2 looks...

Crazy over the simple lines of this one.

The next 2 were nice but not as unusual....

After all decision yet but I will keep you updated !

Another thing on the agenda was a chest or some inspiration for a vanity.

This was beautiful.  Love the warmth of the wood tone.

This is how it might look with 12 x 24 Calcutta marble floors carried 1/2 up the wall.  Throw in this Cole and Sons wallpaper, an ornate mirror, a couple of Circa Lighting sconces and some art from my favorite artist Dawn Raulet.

Saw these great KW pillows....I mean what is a Scott's post with out at least one pillow:)

And this huge marble bowl.....lawd....I love this!  When I say huge it was like 20-24 inches wide.  

This fun propeller mirror was a thought for the "man cave"

How cool is this old teeter totter.  

I am always interested in unusually shaped chest.  This killed me.

 The light wood on this spindle chair.

These cool teak stools...

And.....this gargoyle was purchased to ward off evil spirits.  I feel safe now.

There you have it.....the best of the best.  Oh yeah....thanks for all your encouragement on my ORC.  That wallpaper got installed and dang if it wasn't a game changer! 

I hope you dance away this weekend:)




René said...

Great table options! Love the spindle chair too. Have a great weekend Sherry!

Catie said...

Scott's looked amazing this month! One of my best friends actually scooped up that wood chest with the marble top. Looks killer in her family room.

Pura Vida said...

man you are lucky to have all that to look at...I have to look at your blog to look at it! but that's ok...saves me $$$ for Saturday mimosas

Karena said...

Sherry my favorite posts of yours are when you make a trip over to Scott's. I ALWAYS see lots I would be thrilled to have in my home!

Have a great weekend!
The Arts by Karena said...

I'm dying over that bathroom plan! You never ever do anything but stuff that makes me say "dang but I'd like to have that..."

Sienna said...

seriously loving the bases on these tables

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I need your advice about an upcoming Scott's trip. You know how to shop that sucker like no other.

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