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Whew...I am glad that Scott's weekend is over.  I only went one day, and it was SO tempting to go back.  I  definitely need to use restraint  or I would have to become an organ donor on the black market just to pay my bills!
I know I have posted pictures of my master but I did run across these before pictures of the ceiling.  I had the cedar installed about 8 years ago, and loved it for a long time.  After installing the hardwoods, it was just wood overload for me.  My husband really fought me on this [why do men hate to paint wood?].  And when I say fought, I mean he got a big hand in his face with "this coming from the guy who bought this "Armani" suit in China [he is an international pilot] with about 50 gazzillion gold buttons on it"  "Please dude, you are not a captain on the Love Boat".  The suit cost 30.00, replacing all the buttons cost 100.00.  He is a bad shopper.
I got the first light fixture on sale at a lighting store for 50.00.  I was pretty pleased with myself, and then my husband was hanging it and it fell off the ladder.  Yep...back to the lighting store for another one.  Wasn't such a good deal after that. 
Wish I still had the broken one, it would look great painted black!  I gave the second one to a friend and she painted it black.  Dang.

Here is the new one.  I actually saw it in a really cool store for 2000.00.  Right, wrap it up.  Not.
So I saw the basket at Scott's for 150.00 and realized it was the same one, and I could have one made.  Done, that I can handle!
I used scrim [very gauzy linen] for the cover, just to soften it a little.
I like the ceiling and the fixture so much better.  This gets me to thinking about all the things we end up replacing in our homes.  We often buy something cheap, and then just keep  going after the look we want.  I would be right up there with Warren Buffett now if I had all of those funds back.
Don't think about it.


Lisa Mowry said...

Please, pretty please post a picture of "Captain Steubing" in his Hong Kong suit...
and love the new MBR ceiling/light fixture.

Julie Holloway said...

okay....amazing transformation. You got some skills, girl!

Angie said...

SO true about taking the cheap route and ending up spending more!! I LOVE how the ceiling and light fixture look!!

Chats with Jack said...

1) the story of your husband had me chuckling
2) I adore the painted ceiling, and have a slight addiction to painting all wood white.
Great job!

EZ said...

You're really talented Sherry!! Love it and the writing...very entertaining blog!

Antique Shows said...

I see we have something in common, we both love Scott's... A friend and I have set up there for the last two months, and we love it. I also have that same french chair that you have a pair of that you painted and recovered, LOVE THEM!!! Your all about the buying and I'm all about the selling. :) Although I find more than my share to buy when I'm there. Come check us out next month, were in the South building K-7...


Autum said...

I am coveting your ceiling. I have horrid popcorn ceilings. I just try really hard not to look up. Just pretend the awfulness isn't there.

OK, is that a real puppy on your bed? He looks as if he's admiring the ceiling and amazing light fixture.


Looks really calming and romantic bedroom!White has a wonderful flow that almost feels restful and dreamy to me. I’ve always loved to live in white rooms.You are so talented! and well entertaining blog to everyone!Great Job!xoxo Victoria

Gail Griner Golden at Gail-Friends said...

Great idea! You have such a calming and relaxing looking bedroom. Please tell me where you got the window frame hanging on the wall. I love it.
Please stop by Gail-Friends for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry! I found your blog through White Wednesday. Wow... what an amazing transformation! I just love your vaulted ceiling, and that light fixture is gorgeous! I love the vintage window above your windows, too... beautiful!
So glad to have found your blog... I'm a happy new follower. :)
Have a great day,
~ Jo :)

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