New Bathroom!

So I got a wild hair one day to demolish a small guest bath in my home.  I really had NO plan of action, just that it was really bugging me.  It was actually the only room in our home that had never gotten a full makeover.  When we moved in we had the tile painted and put in a new sink and toilet.  The shower was SO small, about 27 by 27!  If you dropped the soap, you practically had to kick it out to bend down and retrieve it!  This was  originally the master bath.  The tile was set in concrete 3 inches thick and the floors were 6 inches thick.  Just by removing all of the tile, and taking it down to the studs, we gained 2 inches on two sides of the shower.  The last 8 inches were gained buy stealing from a very deep [24"] linen closet.
Here are some before pictures.
This is the pedestal sink we added before we had the yellow tile painted.

 The small shower area.  I believe that these pictures were taken the day they were getting it ready to paint.  The blue you are seeing is the filler for the cracks.
That was the window fan that was there! that will keep you cool in "steamy" Atlanta!
Looks like they had started painting.
Don't you just love that shower curtain!
Gutted!!! is about to start looking a little better!
"Oyster Bay" 8 by 16 gray limestone.  After it was put down, I panicked.  It looked so PINK to me!  Seriously, I almost ripped it out that night.
Small 1 by 1 for the floor of the same product.  After the grout dried, I started feeling a little better about the color. here is the same sink.  I almost replaced it but because of budget constraints, I decided to keep it.  When the faucet was installed, I couldn't believe how good it looked.  SO glad that I kept it!
It was a better idea to spend the $$ on the frameless shower door.  They are expensive buy oh so pretty!
I did get a new toilet, not expensive, but it flushes SO much better!!!  Also, you can see how the horizontal wood turned out!
I did add a little feature on the back of the shower.  In hindsight, I wish I had not done this.  I was so afraid it would look too plain, but then I remembered that I like plain!  I could have saved the money and spent it on something else.  I used a gray grout instead of white on the 3 by 6 subway tile.  I do love that decision!
Closeup of the window treatment!  Burlap, plumbing pipe, and I forget what these things are called....but they worked perfect for rings and gave it a sort of industrial feel.
Just another view of the window.
I painted the whole room, wood, ceiling and trim Ben Moore White Dove.  Love that white!
2.95@ yd for white burlap...gotta love it!!!
Last picture!
Whoops, one more!  This was an old picture frame which I painted and then took the glass from a mirror that I had and inserted it.
I am so happy with the way it turned out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I love decorating projects. Mary Vincent

Allison L-G said...

Simple elegance!! I love the window treatment. Did you have it made?


Yes....just burlap hemmed with grommets. Very easy and only about 2 yards of burlap.

Kathysue said...

Looks great you must be so happy, what a transformation, Love visiting your blog!! Kathysue

bryn alexandra said...

Hi Sherry! I just spent a long time reading your blog, I'm such a huge huge fan! (adding it to my blog roll now!). I am wondering where you got your white burlap fabric? I'd love to use it in my living room.. it's so inexpensive that I could afford to do beautiful pleats and have it pillow on the floor :) If you can email me that'd be great! brynalexandra at gmail. Thanks again and love the blog!

René said...

I am in love.
We have the exact same yellow U-gly tile in our upstairs bathroom and you'd better believe I would love to see it go.


Simply LKJ said...

Found your blog through Rhoda. I live in Atlanta as well. Beautiful makeover!

Jennifer said...

Hi Sherry! I also found your blog through Rhoda. Question about the horizontal planks ... are they tongue and groove or just pine boards butted together (or something else)? Also, how wide are they? They look so great in such a compact space!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Tabitha said...

Here from Rhosa as well! :)
LOVELY! You did a great job. It's great to hear how you did it and what you wish you'd done differently or what you glad you kept...thanks for sharing!! It looks very inviting and comfortable!!

Heather said...

Hi. Woould really like to know what you used for your horizontal planks. Thanks.

The Mom said...

I don't know if you will get this comment since this post is from so much earlier this year. Can you tell me two things...1) How do you get the odor out of your burlap? I have tried "airing" and then "airing" some more until I don't think I can possibly leave it outside any longer (think months here on my porch). I have shaken it...tried to put it in the dryer on no heat and all have been to no avail...secondly, I echo Heather above...what wood product did you use for your horizontal planks? Thanks so much and blessings!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Ooo yea this looks great. I do like the horizontal paneling a lot. I'll show it to Dad. Thanks for giving me the thought!

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