How the heck is it Friday.....don't get me wrong because I am not complaining....but crikey it was just Monday wasn't it? I really did not actually realize you guys were interested in buying the clothes that I post about....Surprise!

A few questions about what I packed for Morocco!  The platform black slip on tennis shoes came from here

They were comfortable from the beginning.

The white jeans that I took were from Lucky and are called the Lolita mid rise cropped.  I bought them last summer!

I edited the post and linked to that awesome little carry on bag from Target!

So that's that.

In other news I wanted to educate you about something.....
Upholstery cushions.....very important info!

Now most cushions are made from high density foam....

They wrap the foam with batting.....which you can see in the second image has been rewrapped to help get the shape back.
But it will eventually look like this....because foam breaks down.

Below is an example of spring cushions.....meaning there are actually springs in there wrapped with foam.  The one on the right is called spring down [usually an upgrade] which means it is wrapped with foam and down.  

I know you have heard me go on and on about Charles Stewart Furniture....those are their cushions.

They will last SO much longer.... I have spoken about this before but I really feel like it's an important lesson.  I strongly urge my clients to upgrade cushions especially if it is in a family room that gets a lot of activity.

In a living might not be as big a deal because it is not used as much!

Not every upholstery line offers this option so make sure you check with your vendor!

In other news an organizer Kat from  The Uptown Concierge reached out about giving me a few hours of time.....that scared me....haha.

I could definitely use one but it gave me angst to think I would have to semi organize the space before she came so she wouldn't think I was unorganized....which sounds crazy huh?  I've got problems.

So I decided to let her do my clients pantry.....


They both work full time with 2 small kids...and we all know that when it's the weekend.... nobody feels like doing this!

She took everything out....whew!

Then she headed to the container store to gather what she needed!


She moved the microwave back into the corner because they don't use it as much.... I wish I had done my closet.  My client was thrilled!

I saw my friend post this shot of a wicker mirror from Hobby Lobby which I love...

Especially after I saw this at a consignment shop.

For 400.00.  I loved it but dang I could be happy with the first

I saw these great lamps at TJ Maxx.....but they were huge like 36" tall.  I loved them though and might have bought but the line was too long....that saved me because I have no project for them!

And I saw this great new fabric at the Schumacher showroom....

I. Love. It.

Alrighty then...that's it so go tackle Friday....and have a margarita tonight to celebrate the weekend!



Leah @ ThreeFites said...

I have a Norwalk sofa with down in the cushions and it’s the messiest looking (but very comfy) couch ever. Is there a place to purchase GOOD inserts after market? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That lamp look similar to Bunny Williams iconic brush stroke lamp. I was just looking at them on her website last night but $900 is these were more reasonably priced.

Monica said...

I need to check out Hobby Lobby my sister is trying to fix her daughters room and that wicker mirror looks perfect and I love the blue and white lamp.

debra @ 5th and state said...


meeting with a young client wanting a sectional for family room.......lots of use. what do they want cheap & NOW. gonna show them some pictures


Gail Storti said...

Spring and down cushions are the best. I don’t have them but sure wish I’d popped for the extra $$$ because the high density foam wrapped ones are crap! Nice pantry reorganization, getting rid of unused stuff and clutter can really make a big difference. That fabric is gorgeous and love the lamps too.

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