The "shabbiest" of chic!!!

I friend of mine got a really good deal on a builder "track" home last summer in the north Georgia mountains.  She asked me if I would help decorate it in exchange for some relaxing visits.  I am all about the "barter"[although, I don't do chickens!] and especially for a fun place to go. know the budget was VERY small....but that is right up my alley.  As I have learned from reading so many blogs....the thrill of the hunt and finding a bargain is the "high" we want!  So, off we go like heat seeking missiles to see what we can find.  Our first stop is Goodwill.  We needed at least 2 couches, and we scored at our first stop.

I am sorry to say that I do not have a before picture of this bad boy.  This was last August way before I started documenting my every move in search of a "blog" post! But I will tell you it was 300.00 and in great shape except the cushions.  We high tailed it over to the fabric store and found this in the remnant area. The body of the sofa was kind of an ultra suede so this chenille was perfect.  After it was all over we had about 500.00 in it.  Of course the pillows helped [kind of like the LBD when you add the pearls and shoes!]
Next was Scott's, Homegoods, and Target.
Here is one of the bedrooms.  We got the old ceiling tile squares, and the trim at a flea market up there.  All we did was screw the tiles in place and nail the trim around it for an instant headboard.  Got the end tables and old chair at Scott's.  Most of the bedding is Target....from their Shabby Chic collection, except the pillows which along with the lamps are from Homegoods.
The egg prints came from Scotts, and we just put them in frames from Michaels.
The chest and mirror from Scott's, with the drawer missing.  I believe the lamp came from JC Penny.  I can't believe I did not put a big bunch of wildflowers in that bucket!  Shame.....the picture would have been so much better.  Next time I am up there, I will take some better ones.
This last picture is the kitchen.
The light, table, stools, and prints all from Scott's.   It is the best "one stop shopping" place I know.  The window valance was a piece of hickory we found out in the woods.  The valance came from Walmart.  That was definitely smoke and mirrors!!!
I really believe that lack of money on these projects is the "mother of invention" they say, don't you?


Unknown said...

Where is this place called "Scotts"

maggie said...

wow this turned out amazing! jan is a lucky girl!! love all the stuff you found at Scott's and it has given me some good ideas! love the missing drawer's as a place to store extra towels!! might have to use that "one"! the table in the kitchen are is awesome! i loved the headboard to!! good job on this project!!

Mimi said...

Love everything! Especially the headboard.

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

wow, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun scoring all of the treasures. the kitchen table is my favorite!
have a great weekend.

A Perfect Gray said...

yes! I love being creative to stay on budget!

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