You know the reason I blog on Fridays is so I can get excited BECAUSE IT IS FRIDAY!!!


It's been a hectic week....so much going on with projects and I can't wait to share with you.

But.....not today:)

You know how we always give the love to World Market.....but today I wanted to give a shout out to Pier one!

I used a Pier One sofa for the Boulder Flip so I thought I would share a bunch of things for under $100.00

Oh yeah....and it's all black and white!  Don't hold your breath for the color edition....hahaha

But first this is the sofa.... which is a nice little gem [ on sale right now].

charger [the ones I used in the Boulder flip], table, stool, basket

Those curtains!  They are embroidered....

All good stuff huh!  Below is a rug I liked [not under 100.00 but would look great with the sofa.  And it's on sale.

Alrighty then....your black and white fix for the week.  I'm off to workout and it is leg day....ugh.

Sherika loves you!




Out of desperation [like I needed to sign up for another TV station] I started watching The Handmaids Tale.  I had heard so much about it that I fell to the pressure and whoa.....it's the kind of show that makes you squirm in your seat.....

The acting is SO good and I can see why many of the cast have won awards.  Still......I am only on season one episode 6 and I'm hooked. 

Today I have the last few pictures of the Boulder flip.  The laundry room, and 2 bathrooms.


So....this was a mess.  You can see on the right hand side that the HVAC was smack dab front and center in the room!  The door leads to the garage and the opening on the left is just a storage area.  While the green paint is lovely.....


Here is the listing picture.  A little tile on the floor really helped and some added detail of the vertical shiplap.

All the doors [throughout the house] and trim in the laundry room are painted Benjamin Moore Hudson Bay.

They were hesitant  but I'm tired of gray doors:)

The bathrooms in this house had been remodeled only 2 years ago.  While it wouldn't be something that we would have picked out it seemed crazy to rip them out.  Here is the solution.


Kept the floor on the main level bath. But say bye bye to the vanity and everything else.

Listing image

Here is a pic I took and it shows more of the floor which I'm not mad at.....

A cute little Urban Outfitters towel ring!

The master bath before....

Whoa....where to start.

So we kept the shower tile and floors.

A new vanity, coat of paint and lighting really helped to take the focus off the tile.  Thank God....something had to right?  Nice little Target mirror.

Sometimes when you are doing a flip you have to decide where the best place to put your money will be.  I think the fact that it sold in 2 days means not doing a total gut job on the baths was the right decision.

This is the hallway going up the stairs to the master and den.

And that is the end of the latest flip.  Can't wait for the next one!

The countdown in on....16 days until I cross the pond and head to Casablanca.  You will probably get tired of hearing me blab on about this.

Oh yeah one more thing.  As you know I am not very ambitious in the kitchen but somebody told me about this.....I tried it and....yummy!

Take a cast iron pan and spray the bottom.  Put a piece of salmon in it [I used the Trader Joe's salmon].  Season...I used squeezed lime, sea salt, pepper, chili lime seasoning and threw a few capers on it.

Put it into a cold oven and set the temperature to broil and the timer to 20 min.  whoa. perfection.

So the first time I used the regular setting and it needed 5 more minutes.  The second time I used the "convection" setting and kapow....perfection.

This is probably a "thing" and there is some 
eye-rolling out there while thinking....DUH






Thanks for all the love!  It's rare these days to get so many comments in blogland....right?

To answer a few questions:
Cate..... yes they did just paint over the outside!
Lisa....The paint colors are BM Iron Mountain, BM China White BM Cathedral Gray
Kristen....the metal brackets for the kitchen shelves were custom!

So you are about to see the second floor which has a den and master bedroom.  Of course it's not as wow as the downstairs because remember.....I'm kind of working with what is left in the "staging loot" and we definitely used the best stuff downstairs!

But again....just painting was a game changer as you see again in the second level den.

The den before....

The afternoon I got there I was trying to figure out where to put the Ikea sectional.  At first I did not think it would look good against the blue wall but in the end.....

It did....

I accessorized this same shelf last time....had to look up the pictures so I could duplicate....made my life easy!

Everybody laughed when I put the popcorn and scrabble board out but hey....we are selling the dream right:)

Plus I ran out of coffee table accessories...haha.

Master bedroom before

I loved this World Market pillow....but they only had one!

We ordered this 300.00 dollar sofa last time and believe me when I say it was so bad!  So I piled on the pillows and throw to disguise....

I was trying to marry the pink blue and gray so I threw down this small World Market rug....the size of a postage stamp....no judging

There is just the bathrooms and laundry room to go which aren't earth shattering but hey....."stretching a post out" is my middle name:)

Just FYI.....under contract in one day:)  Which shows you a few things.  People would rather buy something already done....and staging does work!

So I've got 19 days until I head to Morocco.  Ugh.  We finally found a place to stay....in a hotel.  After looking at countless AirB&B's with reviews like dirty....stinks....that was it for me. 

Pray for me as the anxiety sets in.......




You know what I have noticed lately?  And it's driving me crazy.  EVERYBODY HAS AN OPINION...... it's not just that..... but the fact that everyone wants that opinion known. 

Now that in itself is not a terrible thing but crikey it's like if you don't agree with them....then well you are wrong.  

But wait a minute....if you have an opinion about me and it's good I'm all ears....maybe scratch that mumbo jumbo above.

What was I thinking:)

OK....on to the before and afters of the Boulder flip.  It's a doozy.

Before....this 1880 square ft cottage


Before the back yard.

After....just a little yard cleaning.

OK....a color explosion!

Seriously a coat of Benjamin Moore White Dove is a game changer right?



Starting the process....had a little shopping to do but not much.  The sofa and chairs are from Pier One.  The wood chair is World Market.

Switched things around and bought a new coffee table from World Market!  It was on sale for 209.00 and its solid wood.  The rug is old West Elm, the bar from Target last year.
You can see that we couldn't center the sofa under the window....but I think addressing each side with some height helped out the situation.

Stripe pillows from Homegoods and the black and white ones from Target a few years ago.

We were looking for some art to go here but ran across these baskets at World Market and at 39.00 each it was a no brainer.  The small one [a placemat] was 1.00 at Pier One:)

So.....see the FP in the corner of the foyer????

HUH.....such an awkward place right?

Buh Buy.  

Before accessorizing.


Rug is old Target and the bench was ordered a few years ago on Wayfair I think.

I found this sketch at Homegoods!  

Y'all this faux fig tree from World Market is the bomb!  179.00....

More crazy color....

The kitchen area before.

Cut down the island.  A little hex backsplash and some open shelves!

The island tile is from Home Depot.

Cute huh!

Faux flowers from World Market and the vase was from West Elm a few years ago.

I think the black and white chargers were from Pier One.  The floral napkins, pink plates and pink glasses were from World market.

Accessorizing those shelves are my favorite thing to do.

Friday I will show you the upstairs, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

And y'all it was under contract the first day on the market.  

Alrighty then.....figuring out where to stay in Casablanca.  Checking AirBnB and well....couldn't find anything that wasn't reviewed at dirty....so it's looking like a Hotel.

Hope you slay this week and get everything done!


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