Holy Smokes!

Has anyone out there been to Home Decorators.com lately????  They have really upgraded their merchandise.  There is a Martha Stewart Living Collection and much more.  Here are a few things that I liked....
.I saw this on Copy Cat Chic, and that made me go and check it out!!!  549.00...a real deal!

I actually ordered this for a client on a covered porch!  For the price it is way cool....329.00
And...here it is!
So...Pottery Barn sells these for 199.00 and this is 99.00

Martha Stewart mirror for 199.00

Greek Key side table for 149.00  Are you kidding????
With a beautiful cushion or pillow?  169.00
Left bank Settee for 169.00
These are just a few of the cool things for very reasonable prices.  Happy shopping.....

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Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Oh those lovely metal chairs....so darling. I ned to graduate so I can buy my forever home with its "almost forever" furniture.


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