Another Scott's weekend!

Sometimes I wait for Scott's weekend, and it feels like you are waiting for Christmas to come....other times I'm like "'s this weekend?" and I have to rearrange everything.  This weekend my sister Maggie came down to stay with me.  She only lives 25 minutes away, but both of our husbands were out of town.  She had not been to the flea market in forever, so it was fun just to walk around and look at things, thinking how we would re-purpose or "it's so cool...where could it go!  Seriously, my house is full.....but my niece   is getting an apartment next year in Athens and she loves that Anthropology look!!! Translation: hand me downs and flea market junk!
Here is a picture of a few things I got for the other guest bedroom I am doing. the metal 3 sign for 10.00, the light fixture for 75.00,2 yards of fabric for 40.00 [it is a very expensive fabric that I have loved for years in black!], the 2 "cogs" on blocks for 12 each, the large spools for 20 each, the grain sack for 18 and the royal crown cola box for 5.  Pretty good!  Called the electrician and he will be here on Monday.  Took the pillows to be made [pick up on Monday].  There should be pictures posted on Tuesday.
My best friend for 35 years is coming in town Wednesday for the mart.  I want the room to be finished by then!
Here we are in our uniforms!  Ha Ha...we flew together for Eastern Airlines.  She looks SO professional with the "stewardess" regulation haircut!  Me, I was always getting written up for not having mine pulled back!


Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

OK..I am loving what I am seeing and here it is all jumbled up on the floor. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the light fixture! I have been scouring for one all over S. Indiana...and nada. Can not wait.

SO the real question is when can I sign p to have you redo my rooms? :)


A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful finds! the 3 is my fav. I did want to make it to Scott's this weekend, but things did not work out. Did you see Eddie Ross? I think he was there this morning...

great shot of your flying that was fun!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I love Scott's . Haven't been in a few months and missing it! Always great finds there!

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