OK.....are you ready for some serious eye candy?  The best thing about being a blogger [besides all the love I get from y'all] is that I get invited to media day for showhouses!

I've said this before....but it's worth saying again....I have not missed a showhouse since I moved here in 1989 and went to my first one.  It is my all time favorite thing to do....and I could spend all day there talking to the designers about their rooms. 


Atlanta Homes and LifeStyles is the sponsor of the Christmas Holiday Home.

How about we take a stroll through some of the rooms.....

The Study by Chris Holt was wonderful!

This room was painted SW Gateway Gray....might be my new fav!

Loving the detail trim on the curtains!

Across from the study was Carol Weaks dining space and the color on the walls was SW Kale Green

Perfect colors...with green, black and white!

OK...hold on to your hats....because Lauren Elaine Interiors and I were separated at birth:)

This laundry room decked out in my favorite Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock fabric and wallpaper!


Even a Dawne Roulet swan.....which y'all know I have mixed in with my Hollyhock!

She also did the butlers pantry using this awesome Schumacher wallpaper....

The back hallway by my friends GordonDunning.

Loving this blue and white Duralee wallpaper and fabric.

But also look at this great wall of antique spoons...

Oh yes!

The kitchen is also draped in tradition....

Kingdom Woodworks

Kitchen dining Margaret Kirkland

Again more tradition with vintage rattan!

I saw the beautiful blue and white through the back door and was drawn to it!

Kristin Kong, K Kong Designs

So pretty huh?

Details....Schumacher trim on the chairs!

This table the organic feel!

So are you inspired?  Oh there's more and it's all so good!

OK....Sherika gotta run....need to walk Cami and get to work!
Taken in Florida.....




So glad y'all liked my fashion post....I felt like it was pretty basic but then of course I threw in those white boots and that gave it some excitement.  How many of you gave them some consideration?

I am working my 15 minutes of fame like it's my job....more House Beautiful.  Hey it's not everyday that a nobody designer from Atlanta gets to  grace the pages of one of the biggest shelter magazines right?

Indulge me please:)

I thought I would give you some shots of the outside.

Here you can see the plans architect Linda MacArthur drew up.  My friend Michael Ladisic built the house.  

Things to notice....the courtyard where the garages are is a great place for outside entertaining.....

You can see here....looking through.  On the left is the "friends" entrance.  More on that in another post....yeah I know but can't give it all to you at once!

So cute right?
This door is used for deliveries.  There is a special lock [@getboxlock on instagram] that you can send a one time code so it can be secured behind.

I love it!

The house before it was painted....

I felt strongly about painting it white because I mean it did have a modern farmhouse look but really wanted to get some dark paint

I love how it turned out!  Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain.

View from the other side.  The garage is painted BM CSP 205.

Bevolo Sconces....

The body is painted BM China White.  

Sponsor: Marvin Windows

Sponsor: Woodward Outdoor Furniture
Let's go back to the courtyard.
Through this door is the back hallway and the dog room!

Paint color is BM Texas Leather

See how the doors stack back to allow for easy entertaining?

Opens up to the dining area.  Gorgeous Circa Lighting fixtures and the Charles Stewart dining chairs.

Covered in Thibaut performance fabric and now for sale for 450.00 each in case you are interested.  8 of them!  Call Roe at Charles Stewart [404 876 3799]

Around back...this is the kitchen with 2 doors that open to a small outdoor living area.  The kitchen sink is there....what a view huh?

Inside looking out......The genius of Matthew Quinn!

I might cook if this was my kitchen....just saying....or at least wash the dishes.... although with that great delivery closet I sure could get some good food delivered:)

Would you be excited if this was your house?  I certainly wood.  #houseofmydreams

Although with what's going on in California I am just appreciative to have a home right? not roll your eyes when I keep posting about this house.  It's gonna happen so just prepare.


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